About Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is a tool that anyone can use to create their own professional website.

Our goal is to provide the best website tool in the world for photographers, designers, architects, models and other creative people. The tool should be easy to use, fast and full of great features, but most importantly, the websites that our users create must be unique! Unlike most of our competitors the website that you create with Portfoliobox is not based on a theme, instead you can use any template for any page and combine templates like LEGO to create a truly unique website.

Portfoliobox is developed in close collaboration with our customers. Thanks to them we can release new innovative features every month. Since September 2012 the product has been translated to Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Swedish. The product has been enhanced with a new top modern admin panel, an e-commerce solution that our clients can use to create their own e-store, a build in newsletter system and many other cool features. Furthermore we have deployed a state of the art server solution that makes your website super fast no matter where in the world you are located.

Portfoliobox is developed by Portfoliobox Stockholm AB. Needless to say we are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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info@portfoliobox.net (for PR and business contact)
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