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Use own domain name

You can of course connect your own domain name that you already own to your Portfoliobox site, you can only connect one domain (use more than one domain name). To do this you need to change some standard settings for your domain. Your domain provider manages all settings for your domain. Since there are thousands of domain providers in the world, we cannot provide detailed guides on how to change the settings for each one of them. Instead we recommend you to contact your domain provider and ask them to do the changes for you. These settings may look complicated, but they are standard settings, which your providers should be able to change for you. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the newly added settings to propagate. Before testing if the domain is working, please clear the cache in your browser.

NB! Only Pro users can connect a domain name to their Portfoliobox site.

Provide your domain provider with the following information:

1. Create an A-record for your domain name:

@ A 10800

2. Create a CNAME for the subdomain www:

www CNAME 10800 home.portfolioboxdns.com

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