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Create a team page

Team pages are specifically designed to introduce your team to the website visitors. There are three team page templates: Circles, Side to Side and Squares. You can view these templates on our demo site.
To create a team page, click CREATE PAGE > TEAM, and choose your template. Give the page a title, and click + ADD ITEM to add your first team member.

To each team member you can add an image, a header, a sub header and a description. The exception is the template Squares, where there is no option to add description.
If you want to change the order of the team member profiles, hover your mouse on the up and down arrow next to the profile image in the EDIT CONTENT area. Your cursor will turn to an up and down arrow. Then you can click, hold and move the profile.
To remove a profile, check the box to the right, then click on the BIN icon at the top and confirm deletion.

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