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Email links

Create an email link that will open an email program in my computer.


  1. We will use the template TEXT for this example
  2. Click in the text editor and add your text, lika "Contact me through Mail"
  3. Highlight the text that you want to use as a link "Mail"
  4. Click on the link symbol in the text editor and a link box will appear
  5. Link info > Link type > E-mail

Under Email-Address, you add your own email or the email address you want this email to be delivered to.
Message subject (optional), if you want to have a specific email subject
Message body (optional), if you want to have a specific text message

When a visitor clicks on this link a email program will open and your email address, subject and message will be added to the email so the customer can add more text if needed and send it to you.

See also how to create hyperlinks

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