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Header tags

Header tags are HTML markups that distinguish your text from, headings, sub-headings and paragraph text. It is very important to assign your text to different header tags for SEO purposes.

To assign a header tag,  go to the text editor. Highlight the text that you want to change the header tag. A pop up will appear once you select the text.You can choose from NORMAL, HEADING 1 (header 1 / H1), HEADING 2 (header 2 / H2) and HEADING 3 (header3 / H3).

Apart from SEO purposes, assigning your text to different headings makes it easier for you to format the text across your website. To format the heading text, go to COLORS & FONTS > TEXT.
Please note that if you use the text editor to style your text, for example changing the color and font size, it will override the settings under COLORS & FONTS.
To reset, you can go to the text editor, hightlight the text in question and click on the REMOVE FORMAT icon,  in the top left corner. 

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