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Set up E-Commerce

In order to configure your e-commerce, click on the SETTINGS and choose E-COMMERCE. Fill in the fields of sections:

Note that all fields marked with * are required.

You can choose between payment through Invoice and PayPal. Invoice means the customer will receive a system invoice and the transaction will be handled between yourself and the customer outside of the Portfoliobox system. PayPal means the payment will be made directly after order is placed into your chosen PayPal account. 

To set up PayPal payment, you first need a PayPal account.

  1. Register an account at PayPal. 
  2. In Portfoliobox, add the email you used with your PayPal account to the field PAYPAL EMAIL.
  3. Once this is added, the Portfoliobox E-Commerce will be linked to the PayPal payment system, and payment will be made into your PayPal account.



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