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Into the world of creatives

December 07, 2016


Who are you?

I am a graphic designer and I graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Gdańsk University of Technology. I'm working as a freelancer and recently also as a member of the Syfon Studio. In my work I try to combine visual intuition and engineering education. My favorite projects are visual identifications for modern interiors and exhibitions in cooperation with recognized Warsaw's architectural studios.





What are you inspired by?

It's hard to point one thing that inspires me. I guess I try to closely observe what is happening around me. During the project I pay attention to the context, environment and history. Exploring knowledge of typography and typeface's design is very helpful.




"What matters is composition,
logic of design process,
good craftsmanship

and beauty of detail."




How do you combine graphical and architectural work?

Although my education seems to be other than graphic design, I have always been fascinated by artwork, books and everything that was connected with the paper. Although effects of work are different than the design of buildings, the method of work and the logic remains the same. I find more and more similarities between the design of architecture, books and publications - that still surprises me. What matters is composition, logic of design process, good craftsmanship and beauty of detail.





How does a day look like for you?

I have a very slow mornings, when good coffee and a book are the most desirable  things to prepare myslef well for the coming day. In addition to my own business, I am a member of the young vibrant office Syfon Studio, where I spend a large part of the day. After work, usually I go for a run to a nearby park, that gives me relax and cool down after the impressions of the day. Usually after that I spend a few hours on my own work or learning something new for example coding websites, learning software and so on.


Can you describe your workspace?

I've got a large table where I can sketch, draw and create whatever I want. Additionally in the room there are a shelf, with a million books about graphic design and architecture (my husband is also an architect, so we have quite a lot of them), easel and turntable playing a good music.


Who are your biggest influences in the industry? 

Robert Bringhurst, Jan Tschichold and my former teacher of architecture: José Mario Gutierrez Marquez.





What is your next creative project?

Currently I am working on several projects of websites, album cover (for which I'm very excited) and visual identities.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox is simple and intuitive in use, plus I don't need to worry about the domain, hosting and encoding :)




Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska​ | Graphic designer & Architect
Website: www.alinarybacka.com
Instagram: @alina_maria_r

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