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Camille Collin

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August 31, 2017


online portfolio



Who are you?

I'm Camille Collin, I'm a graphic designer and scenographer based in Brussels. I mostly create visual identities for artistic projects and sets for theatre shows and films. On the side, I develop my artistic research experimenting with different media.


My work is multidisciplinary, combining graphic design, publishing, decoration, photography, installations, ... The medium differs according to the projects. I find my artistic balance by developing my two practices: graphic design and scenography. What motivates me is to visually transcribe a project, whether it is through an image and/or a space. It is this transition from concept to image(s) that excites me — the revelation of its visual forms. Overall, I attach a particular importance to materials, visual sensations, and I wonder about everything that concerns the intimate.





What is your next creative project?

I will create the scenography for a young audience show, exploring autism through the universe of a laundromat. I would also like to return to collage.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

The ergonomics of the platform, the multitude of options that allows one to create a truly personalised site.



Online portfolio

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