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Ekaterina Krotenko

Portfolio of the day

November 20, 2017


Who are you?

I am an artist & interior designer. My main area of expertise is interior design.


I do wide range of design services for residential and public spaces: from creating design concept, colour and material design, functional layouts and service design, style consulting to high-quality realistic 3D visualization, detailed architecture drawings, project implementation and supervision.


My approach to design is through art. Moreover, I am very much into crafts and materials. Therefore, I am happy to make a unique design for interior and exterior objects and elements of the project. Tableware and furniture, for example. Or even create art pieces specially for the space.




Experimental Design Project: Re-Cycling Coca-Cola crates. Plastic Nature. Fluffy Pink & Twisty Red



Research and experiments are also important aspects of my working process. As well as personal projects with full freedom are important for my creative background. Additionally, I do plein-air painting & drawing (as a meditation in a way) and photography travel diaries. I draw inspiration from my impressions and details noticed during travelling, exploring new things or finding new angles of view on usual things; as well as from history, stories and contexts.



"I am interested in modern treatment and adaptation of past time styles [...] in a dialogue between modernity and history."



Matryoshki — Set of three porcelain cups, stacked on top of each other by the Russian matryoshka principle



I am interested in modern treatment and adaptation of past time styles, in an ability to place a modern design in a historical context, in a dialogue between modernity and history. I believe that it is very important for a designer to have profound knowledge about past time trials and nowadays tendencies, mark the links and form your own opinion; and use all of it to shape the better future.



What is your next creative project?

Nowadays I am trying many new things in different creative fields. It is a period when I am concentrated on broading my horizons, learning new crafts, working with materials and discovering new technics.


In a close month I am designing + making knock-down chair from plywood, and also working with silkscreen printing.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

It is very fast and convenient to constantly update personal online portfolio with Portfoliobox services. Also I appreciate range of templates (and especially launch of new ones) which makes it easy to keep the presentation of projects diverse, fresh and modern. Integration of other platforms like Instagram and Flickr are also important.

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