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Jaro Daily

Portfolio of the day

February 27, 2017


Who are you?

I’m Mark Jaro Necesito but I prefer to be called by my online alias “Jaro Daily”, it’s shorter and easier to remember. I’ve been practicing Fashion Photography since 2008 with my first DSLR, it’s a Canon 400D (always been a Canon user from the start). Though the first camera I’ve ever laid my hands on was disposable Kodaks, I find it really hard to work with as taking perfect exposures will require a lot of practice and luck! Ever since I got introduced in Digital Imaging, I discovered that I can create more surreal photos and make impossible things become possible. I then started using Adobe Photoshop and experimented with it a lot which got me studying more and learning more and more int he process. My creative ideas are mostly inspired from Japanese Culture - creepy, kawaii, and colorful!


My work is a reflection of all my personal experiences in form of art. Every single concept I come up with has a back story. Instead of typing all my feelings and emotions online, I would come up with a moodboard and make it into a concept. I try my best to execute it into a photoshoot and at the end of the day, seeing the final output kinda relieves all the stress & emotional anxiety that I’ve been through.


What is your next creative project?

This 2017? I’m looking forward to getting back in the scene by coming up with a lot of quirky concept & ideas by collaborating with YouTubers. I’m trying to balance everything all at once, in creating content for YouTube & inviting rising talents in a conceptual photoshoot.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I love how simple and minimal Portfoliobox is! Portfoliobox is simple, clean, and easy to work with.

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