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Juan Antonio Partal

Portfolio of the day

December 29, 2016


Who are you?

My name is Juan Antonio Partal. I am a Photographer, Retoucher and Colorist, based in the South of Spain (Jaén). The purpose of my creations is the recontextualization of space through different elements: lights, colors and shapes. Thus I try to look for an alternative reality, an illusion, and endow it with an emotion, so that each human being can reinterpret my reality. It’s just a starting point. I like to think that the power or force of space exists and that it can be represented. I consider myself a multidisciplinary photographer, without clichés, and I use this knowledge to get rid of any predictable photographic act.


What is your next creative project?

I am currently developing a continuous “work in progress”. When my job in the fashion world and advertising allows me, I travel all over the planet to continue investigating the concept of space and their relationship with the human being.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox is a tool that allows me to play with different configurations of my web in a very simple way. It has allowed me to create a very clean and simple website so that the viewer can really spend their time to see and enjoy my visual work.



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