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Say hello to the new mobile templates


June 20, 2018

We've released new Mobile Menu templates

Update the look of your site on mobile devices with one of the new mobile menu templates. Find them under Design → Menu Template → Mobile Menu.


Choose between: Top right, Top center, Top left, Bottom right and Bottom center. 



Updated social media icons.


Refined Share buttons & Follow form.


Your site is now secure with HTTPS


June 19, 2018

Portfoliobox now offers HTTPS for all Portfoliobox sites, whether you use a custom domain or a Portfoliobox one.



HTTPS is a secure communication over Internet. It uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to provide a secure connection between a browser and a website. With HTTPS, your visitors will access a secure connection on every page of your site and browsers will recognize your site as secure:


  • your URL will start with https:// instead of http://
  • a green lock icon will display next to your URL in the browser



No action is required from you

The certificate is generated automatically for your website and you are not required to take any actions.



Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics on your site, be sure to edit the property default URL. Go to your Google Analytics admin panel and, under Property Settings, change the default URL to https. You do not need to verify your domain name again. 



Google search console

If you use Google Search Console, be sure to add a new property for HTTPS since Search Console treats HTTP and HTTPS separately. Go to your Search Console and click Add a property. Enter your site URL including https (e.g. https://www.mysiteurl.com) and click Add.



Important notice

In begining of September (2018) all sites will be redircted from HTTP to HTTPS automatically. It is therefore very important that you have made the changes to your google analytics/search console by then.

GDPR, how does it affect you?


May 23, 2018

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European privacy law that will go into effect May 25, 2018. It means that there will be stricter constraints on how companies collect, process, store and distribute personal data of the EU citizens – regardless of locations. GDPR affects every organisation based in the EU and/or involved in processing EU citizens' personal data.


Personal data
We recommand that you review your website and list where and how you collect personal data. 

  • Do you have a contact form? How do you use the information you collect with the contact form? 
  • Is the share button active? Do you export the email address from your site into another system (e.g., a newsletter service)?
  • Do you collect personal data on your site using third-party services (e.g., Google Analytics.)?


Privacy policy
​Once you’ve identified that, you could create your own Privacy Policy. You could create a text page on your site that details:

  • What information you collect.
  • Why you collect that information.
  • Who you share that information with.
  • Any other information that GDPR requires.


NB! These tips do not constitute legal advice.

What has changed in Portfoliobox?

Privacy policy

We have released a privacy policy that is available at www.portfoliobox.net/gdpr. It includes: 

  • Portfoliobox obligations and routines.
  • Your rights.
  • A list of the data we store and for what purpose.


You will need to accept the new Integrity Policy and confirm that you are above 16 years old next time you log into your admin panel.


Unsubscribe option

You can choose which emails you want to unsubscribe from. In your admin panel, under Settings → General → Unsubscribe to emails, you will be able to opt out of:

  • Campaigns
  • News
  • Customer care

What's next?

  • https will soon be released for all users.

  • Password reset process will be improved. You will receive a secure link by email which will allow you to reset your admin password securely.


We will keep you informed!

Latest updates


May 01, 2018

Lately, we have released new templates & layouts and done a lot of updates in your admin panel. If you are used to Portfoliobox, you may feel slightly lost. This article will help you keep track of what has changed. 


• New templates

You can find all the new templates in our sample site at you.will.love.portfoliobox.net. Browse through the templates collection and look for the star to spot the new ones. 



• New Menu Layouts

We have implemented four new wide menu layouts: Hidden Right 2, Hidden right 3, Vertical Logo and Minimal.



• Where did the collection pages go? 

Collection pages are now called Link pages. They work the same way, only the name has changed.



• Your content & design

Your admin panel is now divided into two sections: Your content & Design.




• Template selector

When creating a page, you first come to the content panel where you can choose a title and add content. You decide next which template you want for the page by clicking on Template



• Text editor

You can add content to a text page or a page description by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon [ ​] at the top right corner of the text editor. 



• Drag and Drop for galleries



• Chat with us

Click the support/chat icon at the bottom of the admin panel to contact our support team via chat. If no one is available, you will receive an answer by email. 



• Dummy content

Enable creation of dummy content on your site to see what a page would look like with content. Go to Settings → General → Dummy content



GDPR for photographers


April 24, 2018

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European privacy law that will go into effect May 25, 2018. It means that there will be stricter restrictions on how individuals and companies collect, process, store and distribute personal data of the EU citizens – regardless of locations. This new regulation also requires an individual to give consent to organisations for them to store his or her personal data, he or she can revoke this given consent at any time.

Who is affected by GDPR?

GDPR affects every organisation based in the EU and/or involved in processing EU citizens' personal data. Since people in the EU can visit your site, this means your are subject to the GDPR.

What is personal data?

Under GDPR, personal data means any information relating to a specific person. For example, personal data can be a photograph of a person, name, date of birth, email address, physical address, telephone number, computer IP address, financial information and so on.

How can I prepare for GDPR?

Personal data
We advise you to review your website and list where and how you collect personal data. 

  • Do you have a contact form? How do you use the information you collect with the contact form? 

  • Is the share button active? Do you export the email address from your site into another system? (e.g., a newsletter service)

  • Do you collect personal data on your site using third-party services? (e.g., Google Analytics.). 


Privacy policy
​Once you’ve identified that, you could create a Privacy Policy. 
You can create a page on your site that details:

  • what information you collect
  • why you collect that information
  • who you share that information with
  • any other information that GDPR requires

As a photographer, how can I prepare for GDPR?

The first couple of things you need to consider are – how you handle and store your photographs and the purpose of the photographs. If the purpose is artistic, journalistic or academic, GDPR will not apply, given that you have a precaution in place to prevent the photographs and other personal data from hacking.


If your purpose is not listed above, you need to think about your legal ground of possessing the photographs, for instance an agreement or a consent. 

How does GDPR affect street photography?

The purpose of street photography is normally either artistic or journalistic. As both journalistic and artistic creation are excluded from GDPR, photography of people in the streets and the subsequent photograph processing is normally permitted given that the subsequent processing has the same purpose.

Does GDPR apply to photography retroactively?

Yes, GDPR also includes photographs (personal data) taken before the new legislation begins to apply. GDPR does not apply if you have artistic or journalistic purposes with the images.

Does GDPR affect photographs with minors?

Only if you lack an artistic or a journalistic purpose. However, in general, children's personal data is particularly protected by GDPR. If a consent is required, it must be given by the guardians if the child does not understand the meaning of the consent (the rule of thumb is children under the age of 15).

How does GDPR affect photographs taken during social occasions?

GDPR does not prevent photography in the context of mingling or other social occasions if it is done in the context of artistic creation or for journalistic purposes. Even in other cases, it may be supported by so-called interest weighting, given that they are everyday images that reveal no more than harmless personal data. An assessment in the individual case based on common sense is recommended. Similarly, it is the purpose of the use that matters.

What does consent mean?

Consent means asking the person you photograph for a permission. According to GDPR, 'consent' of the data subject means any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her. Make sure to do this in writing because it is difficult to show what is said verbally. Do not forget that the consent will apply to any processing you intend to do with the personal data.

What is Portfoliobox doing to comply with GDPR?

  • We are currently reviewing how we store and use data.
  • We are reviewing our Terms and Conditions to be more transparent about our use and treatment of data. These updates will be made before the GDPR takes effect.
  • We are determining what product changes need to be made.



More information




Note: This guide does not constitute legal advice.

Your admin panel is being redesigned


April 17, 2018

For the sake of simplification and in order to improve your experience, we have refined the admin panel of your site. We've gathered everything under two categories: Your content & Design.



Your content includes Start page, Site menu and Pages.


Design includes Menu template, Logo and Colors & fonts.

Text editor update

You can now add content to a text page or a page description by clicking the vertical elipsis icon [ ⋮ ​] at the top right corner of the text editor. 

Drag and Drop

It's now much easier to upload images on your site with the new drag and drop for galleries. 



More updates to come. Stay tuned!


EXCITING NEWS: New templates!


April 11, 2018



The team has worked hard and implemented a great deal of new templates. Gallery, link pages, text, cover, team or service pages — one is spoilt for choice!



Gallery — Portrait



Text — Half Screen



Gallery — Puzzle A



Link page — Aligned Bottom



You can easily spot the new templates on our sample site — look for the stars. 

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New menu templates!


April 06, 2018


Check out the new wide menu templates available in your admin panel: Hidden Right 2, Hidden right 3, Vertical Logo and Minimal. 


Hidden Right 2


Hidden Right 3



Vertical Logo




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Distinguish your site with an outstanding domain


April 04, 2018


We are happy to announce that you can now request the remarkable extentions below: 


  • domain.online
  • domain.store
  • domain.tech
  • domain.site
  • domain.website
  • domain.fun
  • domain.press
  • domain.host
  • domain.space







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