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Matthew Griffin

Portfolio of the day

November 28, 2016


Who are you?

I am an illustrator and children’s book author from Ireland. My work in illustration is mainly in film, publishing and editorial, so: posters & dvd/blu-ray covers, book covers & interiors and editorial pieces for magazines & newspapers. I also do quite a bit of advertising work and anything else that comes my way that’s interesting. I especially love mixing typography and images, hence why I work so much on the cover/poster side of things. 


I’ve also always loved writing, and in 2015 my debut novel (a dark, magical adventure for readers aged 10 and up, called A Cage of Roots) was published by The O’Brien Press. The sequel (Storm Weaver) came out in April this year and the final book in the trilogy is out in Spring 2017. I was able to design the covers, do the interior illustrations and design little spot illustrations throughout. 



portfolio en ligne



What is your next creative project?

At the moment I am working on a few blu-ray covers for regular client Arrow Video, and I’m finishing up the illustrations for my third book. I’m also working on my first ever animation - a music video. I am very excited about it (the band & song are amazing and it’s definitely a field I’d like to do more in) but I am also very nervous. I don’t get nervous about drawing. But this video has to be good! I’ll do my best…


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I have used a few different portfolio template sites over the years, but I decided it was time I had a site that was customised to exactly what I need. My website is so important - it’s my shop window - and I didn’t want to be restricted by templates. Portfoliobox were able to do that for me, and, being a visual artist, I was quite fussy! But my every whim was answered and I’ve ended up with a site I’m really happy with, and proud of. The back-end is easy to use too, which is very important. 

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