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Minna Ridderstolpe

Portfolio of the day

October 21, 2016


Who are you?

I am Minna Ridderstolpe, a documentary family photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I shoot families in a photo journalistic way. That means: no posing and no arranged photos. 

I just hang out with the families at home creating memories from every day life, from lunchtime, bedtime and playtime. I both do ”full day in the life”-sessions, which mean that I stay with families for a full day to capture all of the day. But I also do shorter sessions of three hours. During the longer sessions we often leave the families home to go grocery shopping or to the beach or something that the family do in their everyday life. 


What is your next creative project?

This year I am doing a personal ”365-project”. That means taking one photo a day for a whole year. I started this summer, on the day my daughter turned five years old. I decided that day that I will take one photo of her each day until she turnes six. I don’t post the photos anywhere (well... yes some of them on my instagram but not many) and when the year is finished I will make an album out of it.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I like the freedom that Portfoliobox gives me as a photographer. And the main focus in the design is always on how I can display my photos in the very best way. I can create the site (almost) any way I want, and - very importantly - in a modern way. It is very user-friendly and the support is fast and personal.

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