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Andra Maria Moga

Portfolio of the day

March 03, 2017

Photo: Dimitri Caceaune  /  Artwork: David Gal  /  Styling: Andra Maria Moga  /  Hair&Makeup: Alex Ifimov


Who are you?

Friends call me Andra and family Maria. I am from Bucharest, Romania, graduated Journalism, worked as PR assistant for a broadcast radio, then Editor, Fashion Assistant and Fashion Editor for a glossy magazine. After seven years of a full time job, started freelancing as fashion stylist and creative. Everything that surrounds me, inspires me, travelling and discovering new places is something I love doing and, regarding my job, I never miss a good chance to work among artists with a resourceful story for the audience.  


As Fashion Stylist for photo shootings or music videos I never stop on the idea of just “dressing nice” my clients. Being part of a whole visual story to tell, sometimes with a smart powerful message behind, I think about all the connotations a chosen garment could have in order to complete the picture and sometimes generate a statement by itself. Regarding personal creative and/or fashion styling projects, I constantly observe how our world is moving and evolving, how ethics and trends are fast-forward changing and I like to trigger my imagination and mental agility in order to shape and give my own artistic reaction. 


My work is a part of myself, never done superficial, always improving, aware of the constant progress that needs to be made and mirrored in every domain, especially the one I’m working in.


What is your next creative project?

Next is a music video, I am involved in the project as creative fashion stylist. Already made the storyboard and discussed about the customized outfits and now I’m working with a team to create them.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox is very accessible, with a lot of creative options to build an original website and very simple to use it. And, when I have questions, I just love how fast customer support is there to help me.

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