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Raffaele Marone

Portfolio of the week

April 16, 2018


Who are you?

My name is Raffaele Marone but everyone calls me Raffo since I was child. I am based in Milan but I was born and raised in the beautiful Naples in southern Italy. I am proud of being Neapolitan, and I will always be grateful to my town because I was able to develop my artistic language. I love the beauty I can find in everything, but especially in women, my first source of inspiration fo my photography. 





What is your next creative project?

In the last three months I have photographed many commercial campaigns and I hope to find  time now to continue my editorial project "Cigarette stories", which I love a lot because I can express myself artistically as I want. I am working on the next story that I will be shooting in Milan in the next days.


 How would you describe your work?

My type of work can approach the 90s. I love the canon of aesthetics and beauty of those years, simple and spontaneous. The models were smiling and bright, the photographs were clear and coincided. My work tells itself, the home of my portfolio is a showcase on my world.





Who are your biggest influences in the industry?

I do not have a definite influence in the industry but I am inspired by women, their strengths and weaknesses, their beauty. It is my greatest passion. I love to photograph them because it's like I stopped the time of their beauty. A photo is young forever. An artist who influenced and inspired me is Hedi Slimane, visionary designer and photographer. I can't wait for his first collection for Celine to come out.





What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I like Portfoliobox because it is simple, intuitive and with excellent layouts.

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