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May 06, 2016



The new Like button

We have added a new ”Like button” to your website. With this new button it will be possible for your visitors to appreciate your portfolio.




The reward program

We encourage you to market yourself and therefore we have enabled a reward program based on your Likes. See the list below.

Rewards to pro customers
50 likes - 200 extra images
100 likes - Social media promotion to tens of thousands of creatives
200 likes - $20 off on your subscription
300 likes - A secret perk, which will be announced soon
400 likes - Newsletter promotion to hundreds of thousands of creatives
500 likes - Get an iPhone SE ***


Rewards to free customers
25 likes - 25 extra images
50 likes - $10 off on the pro account
100 likes - Social media mention
200 likes - $20 off on the pro account
300 likes - You will be upgraded to the pro account


*** When you get 500 Likes or more before the 1st of June, you will have the chance to get a new iPhone SE - 10 phones will be raffled. Non-pro customers need a total of 800 Likes to have a chance at the iPhones: 300 Likes to get the pro account + 500 likes as a pro customer.



Don't want the button? Hide it from the admin panel.

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