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Sophie Griotto

Portfolio of the day

December 11, 2017


Who are you?

I'm a French illustrator and painter, I was born in the south of France in 1975. I started drawing and painting before I could even write, an activity which to-date, I have never stopped doing. While being an intern at a major advertising agency in Paris, whose budget went to the beauty and luxury industry, I became a freelance storyboarder for some Parisian art agencies. I drew for Dior, Vuitton or Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guerlain... Thanks to this first job, my drawing and style improved and gave birth to an illustrator. My favorite topic is woman, I like to paint women taking their time, drinking coffee, enjoying a moment for themselves.

I drew some campaigns for Swatch, Macy's, Avantura Mall (Miami)... The fashion collection of Tommy Hilfiger, Loro Piana and illustrated the posts of Elle magazine and The Telegraph...

Bringing in an atmosphere is my quest. The sketches I made during my travels allow me to bring in this atmosphere. I work with light and shadow, not the outline, in order to get the real depth and dimensions of the subject. Japanese painter and African pattern are an inspiration — the first for the purity and efficacy in the stroke, the second for the material and colour. I try to get the same sensibility. I cook the material, the colour and look for the attitude that will enable me to emphasise a personality.



What is your next creative project?

Currently,  I work for the Chinese brand, Safiya. I draw a story board for Nina Ricci, (I can't tell more). I prepare an exhibition for the Fox gallery in Rome, 14th december 2017. I prepare another exhibition that will take place in Bruxelles in october 2018 with my originals paintings.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I like its simplicity. I'm handling this all by myself and it offers nice design. It's very important for me to get these two notions. I think the result is clear and professional. I appreciate the French translation of course.

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