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The 3 most popular templates

Tips & Tricks

July 07, 2017

Thumbnails, horizontal, vertical or slideshow... you can scroll through a lot of options to find the perfect gallery template. If you don't know where to start, why not use one of Portfoliobox users' favourite templates? The gallery templates below have been well-tested by Portfoliobox users and are a safe bet.


Take a look!


Grid is by far the favourite template of Portfoliobox users. It is a thumbnail gallery template that displays images according to a grid — as its name suggests it. The order of images depends on their ratio. Moving one image around may change the entire order. Play with it to find how the images are best interacting. We recommend uploading images with a different ratio to take full advantage of Grid. 



Get inspired with these awesome websites using the Grid template:
• Sara Medina Lind
• Mokhtar Beyrouth
• Fotografiskafferiet
• Jonas Becker


Even rows is also a thumbnail gallery template and is the second most used one. The images will display so that the rows are even (same width and height). The peculiarity of this template is the image title that displays on hover. 



Get inspired with these awesome websites using the Even Rows template:
• Imaginaer
• Agnes Stuber
• Helle Navratil


The third most used template is Vertical Plain, one of the oldest Portfoliobox templates. Vertical Plain is a basic but sovereign template, perfect if you need to display a short series of photos. The visitor can focus on one image at the time, without missing the feeling of the series. 



Get inspired with these awesome websites using the Vertical Plain template:
• Ernie Chang
• Wiktoria Wojcik
• Daan Habets



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