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Vincent Brod

Portfolio of the day

October 03, 2016


Who are you?

I am an 18-year-old self-taught photographer from Germany. I specialize in portraiture and travel photography.


What are you inspired by?

Art and other artists have always been a big inspiration for me. I love going to museums or to look at paintings and other art objects. The creativity itself and little details often inflame a little spark of inspiration in me.


What was the last movie you watched?

The last movie I watched was Watership Down a kids movie from 1978 about a traveling group of rabbits that need to find a new home after the humans destroy their habitat. I watched it because I found an article about the movie and remembered that I watched it when I was little and how frightening the fighting scenes and some of the rabbits were.


What was the last book you read?

I'm currently reading a German book about the dangers of the internet etc. My Father gave it to me, he thinks I spend too much time on my phone...


Do you have any role model?

Even though my style is different than his, I really look up to Kristian Schuller. He is also from Germany and has fantastic ideas and takes amazing photos of big and colorful sceneries which were created by him. He works together with his wife who is a designer and their ideas match perfectly. I also got his book Tales for Oskar as a birthday gift last year.


What is your next creative project?

My next creative project is working on my portfolio for my photography study. That means I will try myself in conceptual photography and also in telling a story with my pictures. I'm still not sure about the topic of the portfolio but I will for sure stick to a certain theme.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox allows me to give my pictures a professional home and also to display them in a way which makes them look better. The options for customization are so well that I sometimes feel the urge to change my whole website because I like having it in a totally different way. What's also good about Portfoliobox is the amazing costumer service and that the team tries to make everybody happy and asks for improvement suggestions or offers help.

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