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Portfolio of the day

September 20, 2016


Who are you?

I grew up and started working in Hamburg, Germany. Then moved to the US to live in better weather. Weather influences my way of thinking. it's most fun shooting Editorials and Celebrities because you can usually do what you want. I always try to have a sexy edge in my images. I also love pushing boundaries and wish I could create more controversy imagery so people don't know if they should be shocked or inspired. But as long as I have the freedom to be selective and shoot what I like I am happy.


What are you inspired by?

I tried to be inspired by everything around me. But photographers like Robert Frank, Herb Ritts, and Ellen von Unwert have certainly influenced my creative vision. I get inspired by the shapes and lines of Women as well as architecture. Both contain something very sexy.


What was the last movie you watched?

The Witch. Beautiful photography and great casting.


What was the last book you read?

I dont even remember… I dont have much time to read but I would guess it was something about photography.


Do you have any role model?

Absolutely! Creatively Peter Lindberg, Alexander McQueen, and David Bowie.


What is your next creative project?


I am hoping to shoot a very controversial religious project as Editorial. Not every magazine has the guts to go all out but in this case it would track a lot of tension and be lots of publicity. So I am still shopping around to find the one magazine that is openminded in a time like this with lots of fear when it comes to religion.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I looked around for the perfect portfolio web site for quite some time and never was happy with any of them. And there are lots out there. When I came across Portfoliobox I was intrigued. I first didnt know if it was the one but shortly after experimenting with the site in the trail version I realized that this concept has so much potential. I signed up after just a few days of playing around because I realized this is everything I have looked for. It's a fantastic platform.

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