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Yeyei Gómez

Portfolio of the day

January 08, 2018


Who are you?

My name is Yeyei Gómez. I'm an illustrator and painter, and I live and work in Madrid, Spain. I've made drawings for written and digital press as eldiario.es and El Salto. I have also collaborated with Spanish Red Cross in an illustration project. I'm a member of APIM (Association of Illustrators of Madrid). My work has been seen in places such as Matadero, Estampa, Ilustrísima and Mulafest, and abroad at Roll Up Gallery in San Francisco. Last month I finished and released my first book. The title is Naufragio Universal, 164 pages of satirical drawings about our society. It's written in Spanish with the translation to English.



                      Hablar de ti sin tiQué poco sentido de lo cotidiano & Olía a muerte a nuestro alrededor



What is your next creative project?

Naufragio Universal has been possible thanks a an art grant from The Instituted of the Youth. It involves workshop and students interactions, so it is in process and it could be seing in Interferencias exhibition in the Sala Amadís and in Empirica Gallery in Granada.

On the other hand, I am into the Refest project, which aims to put together a group of artists around the situation of refugees, and whose result will travel in an itinerant way through different exhibitions and festivals.


Who is your biggest influence in the industry?

My artistic training is mainly linked to painting. Among the artists that interest me most are Hockney, Kirchner, Leonora Carrington, Maruja Mallo, Alex Kazt and Leonor Fini.


Can you tell us more about your book "Naufragio Universal"?

Naufragio Universal is a publication of 164 pages, self-published, which presents a catalog of problems and reflections on today's society. The media, capitalism, technologies and wars are some of the topics that are treated, from an ironic and satirical point of view.



Naufragio Universal



What do you like about Portfoliobox? 

It is incredibly easy to handle. I can edit the pages very easily. It allows me to show my work in a very simply way. In the past, I have tried with other website builders and it's never work out. Otherwise I would like some other payment options in the e-commerce platforms.


El hada de las coles

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