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5 features you may have missed

Tips & Tricks

June 15, 2017

We hope that you've come far into building your site and that you start feeling like you master Portfoliobox. Even if we try to keep everything crystal clear and intuitive, some settings are less apparent. Here are five features that you may have missed about Portfoliobox. 

1. Set colors and fonts on your entire website at once

You can fine-tune your website and choose specific colors and fonts for every element of your Portfoliobox website: menu, logo, text, headers, links, etc. Or you can opt for the quick and easy way and change all of them at once by choosing one of the preset combos we've prepared for you. Go to Colors and Fonts and click on Color Scheme or Font combo. 


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Latest Portfoliobox updates


May 25, 2017

We've been busy fine-tuning the admin panel and improving the usability. Here is what's new: 


• The template selector under Create page was rejuvenated. 
• The Pro templates are now marked with a lock icon that is open is you are a Pro user and locked if you are a free one.
• Each slider is displaying the pixel value for text size, letter spacing, line height and image margins.
• Images are automatically rotated if the orientation is wrong when uploading. 
• You can fill in your contact information under Billing, if you want them to display on your invoice. 
• Gallery description Pre-styled is hidden if not available for the template.
• Page description is called Text and image description is called Description 



We've also fixed some bugs: 


Social media → Links: when the switch is OFF, it only turns off social media links and not the entire icon set.
• Scrolling the gallery description in Horizontal Native is now back to normal.
Service: the Circle template was displaying square images instead of round ones. It's now fixed!
Footer now displays in Horizontal Native.
Footer size: on some template, the footer did not have any size set and was as wide as the screen. It's now fixed. 
• Image viewer Lightbox displays properly. 
Instagram & Flickr Grid templates now display the images. 
Slideshow → Thumbs Right: the images are now centered. 
• The top margins have been fine tuned. The rendering was awkward on large screens. 

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