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Was the year everything started

740+ K

More than 740 000 creatives around the world are using Portfoliobox


With paying customers in 150 countries

our mission

Portfoliobox aims to be the best website builder in the world for creatives.
The tool should be very easy to use and the websites created by our users should be extraordinarily.

Quick facts

Unique value

With most competitors the user need to select an overall theme for their website. It’s often easy to find a nice looking theme, but if you want to change it or customize the design, it gets tricky. With Portfoliobox the users are not restricted by a theme. Instead they can choose any template on any page and combine templates as they wish. The number of combinations is infinite and that makes the Portfoliobox website builder extremely flexible.

get in touch

Portfoliobox Stockholm AB, Gustavslundsvägen 151B, 167 51 Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden

press and business inquiries

For business inquires or press related inquires please use the form below or email us on info(at)
For support issues please use the support function in your admin panel or the contact form on the learn section.

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