5 Ways To Improve The Browsing Experience Of Your Online Portfolio


Whether you are a beginner, pro, or hobbyist, enhancing the browsing experience of your online portfolio is a priority. As any creative would say, first impressions are everything, and there is no better first impression than an online portfolio optimised for great browsing experience. 

This week, we will discuss 5 ways to improve the browsing experience of your online portfolio.

Make It Visually Pleasing

To truly enhance the browising experience of your online portfolio, it should be visually pleasing. This means easy on the eye, yet still popping with colour. Vibrant images with a dark background should do the trick, and of course, including a variety of different images can only add to the aesthetics of your online portfolio. Try to keep the same colour palette throughout your site as well.

White Space

In addition to making your online portfolio visually pleasing, utilising your white space effectively can increase readership and traffic by up to 20%. This is a tricky one, as too little, and it looks almost blank, too much, and it may become cluttered. It is also important to note that ‘white’ space doesn’t have to b white, this just refers to a general colour scheme. 

One thing to remember when filling in your white space is that it largely revolves around balancing content within your site. You first must consider the goals of your online portfolio. Putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes will help no-end in achieving the best possible use of white space. 

Micro white space refers to having small gaps between content, whereas macro white space refers to having large amounts of space on a webpage. None is right nor wrong, however, it is important to stick with one throughout your website for the best possible UX results. 

Don’t Clutter Your Site

Keeping your online portfolio neat and tidy, both from an image and text perspective, will go a long way to a better browsing experience like no other. Your audience and potential clients only need to see exactly what it is you offer. As soon as there is too much text or too many images in one gallery, they may exit your site.

Portfoliobox has a ‘blog’ option where you can put your thoughts into a dedicated section on your portfolio, so you don’t need to worry about cluttering up the space in which you present your work.

Optimise For Mobile

In today’s age of technology, mobile devices allow for much easier access to pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. For a great online portfolio, ensure that it is optimised for mobile. In Portfoliobox, you can preview your site via the mobile widget in the bottom left-hand corner of the editor.

It is important to remember that some images may be automatically cropped in the mobile version. Therefore, using the preview feature before publishing will enable you to adjust your images or text as required, is highly recommended.

Make It Your Own

One key aspect of an optimised browsing experience, is how much your online portfolio represents you as a creative and/or brand. There are some excellent website builders out there that allow you to create your site from scratch, yet don’t require any coding skills.

If you are building an online portfolio for work purposes, having a digital presence is almost essential to success, and this all begins with an online portfolio that represents you and tells your story. Clients love creatives who build their own portfolio from a blank canvas, and with builders such as Portfoliobox, it is super easy to make it your own without needing advanced skills or experience.

Final Thoughts

Browsing experience plays a highly influential role in audience interaction and the overall aesthetics of your online portfolio. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, and who your target audience is, as to how you will optimise and enhance their experience when checking out your online portfolio.

By following the steps above, in a way that suits your portfolio and goals, you will be well on your way to a site that you, your fans, and potential clients will love!

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