How to Monetize a Blog


If you want monetizing a blog, you must follow the such points as 

  • Generate Income Through Advertising;
  • Publish an E-book;
  • Offer member-only content;
  • Try Affiliate Marketing;
  • Accept Donations;
  • Offer Your Services;
  • Publish Sponsored Content;
  • Be Easy to Find.

A blog is a platform through which you can share your thoughts and ideas with others. And this, in turn, can bring you money. There are quite a few examples of celebrities making big money from their blogs. As a rule, it all has to do with blog monetization.

How quickly you can start earning money from your blogs and how much it will depend on your efforts, the time you devote to this business, and your professionalism in the svefer that you talk about with your readers.

The basics of blogging

The basics of blogging

In fact, before you can earn money from your website with blogs, you will need to grow your audience. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  • Decide on your topic

Before you start blogging, you need to understand what you want to talk about. Essentially, all of your blogs should be interconnected and share a common theme. Determine the topic you want to talk about and work on analyzing the target audience. Do not write about anything on your blog. Think clearly about the single meaning of your blogs, what idea and emotion you want to convey to the reader. You can use your blog to develop any topic. For example, in your professional activity. And this can help your clients, as they are interested in this direction, they have questions in it, and you just answer them.

  • Work on creating quality content

While the number of posts on your blog plays a role, their quality also matters a lot. Add new entries sequentially, working on the quality of each of them. Your main goal is to grab the attention of customers and stop their attention on your content.

  • Add value to your message

Just like any company has value propositions, your blog should also offer valuable content. In this case your blogspot will make money. Your audience reads your posts in order to find answers to their questions, gain new experiences, and get your opinion on many things. You must be interesting to your reader. Write original posts, express your personality in them, and fill them with useful text.

  • Draw attention to your posts

Your task is not only to please your readers by publishing your content but also to make them expect a new portion of your posts. To do this, we advise you to dilute your blog posts with quizzes, contests, video posts, and forums. This will help you make your blog come alive and engage your audience.

  • Work on your authority

Clients will always want to know more about your work if you are a well-known expert in your field. You need to earn credibility, and become more famous so that as many people as possible learn about your work. To do this, you can publish on platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn and other online publications, websites, and social networks.

Generate Income Through Advertising

Generate Income Through Advertising

It is the first answer to the question “How to make money from blogspot?” Banner advertising is one of the most popular ways to remind yourself on the Internet. Even though it can be irritable, it is still a profitable influence on your business. You can use banner ads discreetly, but it will either profit you. There are a number of ad platforms out there that fit well with your page while still making the ad part of the page layout.

  • Filling your site with advertising, make sure that its amount is reasonable and added gradually. Long-term customers may be frustrated by the sudden flood of ads, so take it slow.
  • Do not use pop-up ads. Customers don't like it, they react to it in an irritable way.
  • Use additional advertising after confirmation of purchases. This can be especially relevant to suppliers who share business with you. You can do it in the form of sponsored content, or you can just randomly mention it on your blog. If your customers have a problem that can be solved with the help of the advertiser's product, you can mention it in your post, leaving a link to it.

Publish an E-book

Publish an E-book

The next tip you can take is to create an e-book from your most popular blog posts. It may seem to you that this is a rather boring and difficult task, but it is not. As a rule, e-books are not made too big. Your e-book may only be about 10,000 words long.

Review your content, it may be enough for creating your own book, you just didn't pay attention to it. If you have a wide variety of articles and you can't choose the right ones, choose the content that you think is best on the same topic, merge it, and edit.

You can try creating your own e-book or use the recommendations from Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. This is a free opportunity for authors to publish their work and control book prices.

Offer member-only content

Offer member-only content

It is the second piece of advice for monetizing a blog. If you have solutions that someone is willing to pay for, you can create a block of paid articles on your blog for paid members only. For a small fee, you can share very useful material with your readers that they are looking for. But don't make all the content paid, keep the free stuff as well.

Another positive membership factor is the ability to communicate with other members of your blog. To exchange information, you can create a chat or forum. This will help you connect with your audience and discuss topics related to your work.

You need to think about how valuable your information can be, what important things you can say, and then you can add this information to your paid section and get paid for it.

So, for example, if you are into needlework, you can post photos of your work and backstage processes as free blogs, and for a subscription, give access to lessons teaching this type of needlework.

When you have decided on the topic of your blog, you need to take care of the timely publication of free blogs. Most likely, at first your new subscribers will be interested in your free content and if you manage to get them interested, they will subscribe to view paid material.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Try Affiliate Marketing

The next method of monetizing a blog is affiliate marketing. If you are considering a product story on your blog, you should consider using product links and an affiliate code. That way, if your reader clicks on a product's link to the page of the company that makes it and buys it, you'll earn a small amount of money as an advertiser.

One of the most recognizable affiliate programs is Amazon Associates. It's easy enough to access, and you don't have to pay for it either. So, you can receive up to 10% of the amount for which the product was sold, which the buyer learned about from your blog. This platform provides tools to help you set up all your clicks, so it's easy to use this feature.

There are a number of other ways to affiliate contracts where you will earn income related to your blogs. The main thing you need to remember is that you should advertise what will be of interest to you and your audience.

Accept Donations

Accept Donations

Not every reader has the ability to regularly pay fees to access your paid content. You can start donations. There are many different ways to make this. For example, full-featured payment platforms and a one-time donation jar might be one option.

Let's take a look at some tips on how you can use this method of monetizing a blog:

  • An example of those who help arrange donations on their blogs is Patreon. Your blog readers can create an account on this platform page, and you can receive periodic donations from your fans. As one option, you can offer your customers something in return for their donations.
  • Another platform to help organize donations is PayPal. They provide an opportunity to open an account without paying for it, and then process and receive payments. So, you can create a donation button and place it on your site. After your readers follow this button to the PayPal platform, they will be able to leave you donations.
  • One more option to set up donations on your blog pages is to use cryptocurrency. In order to use it, you need to set up a donation link to your wallet. To properly set up work with cryptocurrencies, study what it is and how it works. At first, you may think that the process is a little complicated. However, you can find a lot of information about a particular cryptocurrency and how to work with it.

Offer Your Services

Offer Your Services

The good news for bloggers is that you can use your blog to advertise your features. No matter what skills you can demonstrate to your viewers, a blog is a good opportunity to remind yourself and gather your audience.

So, for example, if you blog about working with electricity and you are a professional electrician, you can use links from your blog to your website that sells your professional services. This method will help you expand your audience and introduce your readers to your professional offerings.

Publish Sponsored Content

Publish Sponsored Content

In fact, in this block, we would like to tell you about a few tips about monetizing a blog such as

  • Sometimes it happens that a company turns to loggers with a proposal for a product referral. As we said, if you like their products and would recommend them to your readers, you can take advantage of this offer.
  • However, some bloggers do not agree to change their content in such a way as to place company ads there. In this case, you need to look for partners whose offers will not interfere with your content and change it.
  • Another way to profit from affiliates is to run promotions and contests if the affiliate wants you to talk about them. You can advise your audience to enter these contests, for which you will receive money from your partners.
  • You may have several partners whose products you will advertise, so you should carefully read their offers and terms of cooperation before agreeing to it. Before advertising anything, always learn as much as you can about what you'll be advertising so you don't harm your readers.

Be Easy to Find

Be Easy to Find

Another way to earn money from your website with blogs is to make it easy to find. You can find a large number of blogs on the same topic as yours, which means that it can be quite difficult for you to stand out from the crowd. You need to work on getting your blog to show up on the first page of Google. To do this, you need to work with search engine optimization.

This is what will help make your blog more Google-friendly and will be able to suggest you to other people's weeks more often and faster.

It is not very easy to earn an honorable place in the ranking and become one of the first on the search page. However, it is possible with diligent work on it. The main thing you need is to constantly update your records. This will help you get as close to the top of the search suggestions as possible.

Some more tips on how you can make money from your blogging

In fact, there are a few more tips that we want to share with you. These tips include the following:

  • Launch webinars

If you think that you are a good professional in any field, you can sell your knowledge by launching your webinars. With the help of them, you can not only tell people for money how to be a professional in your work, but also build stronger relationships with your audience and inspire more trust in them. Also, holding webinars will arouse increased interest among your readers, which will make them more involved in your blogs and distribute them among their acquaintances, making you more popular and bringing additional income.

Key tips for hosting webinars:

  • If you decide to launch your own webinars, you can do them in the form of presentations, tutorials, workshops, or answers to questions from your readers.
  • It is not so important which format you choose - you must be well versed in the topic you will be talking about.
  • Showcase your content from the blog but add useful and important information.
  • Offer your audience actionable insights. This will help people understand what exactly they have learned in your paid classes.
  • Sell ​​your podcasts

Another way of monetizing a blog is to start your own podcasts. This will allow you not to start all over again, but simply change your format a little.

In fact, in recent times podcasts have become quite a popular way to communicate with the audience and get paid for it. Another advantage of this method is the ability to sell sponsored slots to any brands. It will look like a small radio ad in the middle of a podcast. It is also a good and modern way to make money from your blogs, pay attention to it.

  • Hold conferences

This is another great method on how you can start selling your knowledge. Hold conferences with your readers. You can do it online using modern software for this.

You can hold such conferences in the format of interviews with invited experts and leave free access to them for several days. As a paid service, you can launch the ability to purchase a paid subscription, which will help extend access to view content.

This way of monetizing your blogging will not only bring you money, but it will also get your audience closer to you and attract new readers in the future.

  • Offer advice

As you grow in popularity and credibility as a professional, you may want to try offering paid consultations to your clients. During these events, you can talk to your client about what's in your free content, supplementing it with valuable and important tips. This method will also bring you income and establish a more trusting relationship with your readers.

  • Start selling merch

This is one of the modern and most possible ways to capitalize on your popularity. You can sell products that are related to your product or topic that you talk to your customers about.

Alternatively, you can launch a line of products such as clothes, souvenirs, notebooks, and phone cases with the name of your blog and branded phrases.

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Can you monetize a free blog?

Yes, of course, you can monetize your blog in many ways. This could be advertising, selling your e-books, launching donations, or interacting with advertising partner funds.

Is it easy to monetize a blog?

Today, monetizing your blog is much easier than ever. Just ten years ago, it was quite difficult to connect monetization, especially for not popular bloggers. All you need today to enable the monetization of your blog is to choose the monetization method that is most interesting to you, contact advertisers, or install a platform that allows you to receive money from the income associated with your advertising.

Is blogging disappearing?

No, blogging is not going away. This format of communication with the audience takes on new forms and continues to change according to current requirements. The task of bloggers is to continue developing in order to remain popular and meet today's audience expectations.

How fast can a blogger get paid for their work?

As a rule, bloggers begin to receive the first money down half a year or a year after the start of blogging. How quickly you can start making money from your blogging depends on the time you put in, the amount of effort you put in, and your professionalism.

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