Discover the Best Drawing Apps and Software (Free & Paid)


Discover the Best Drawing Apps and Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Introduction to Drawing Apps and Software

Ever thought about how awesome it would be to create stunning artwork on your phone, tablet, or computer? In today's digital world, it's easier than ever. Thanks to a variety of drawing apps and software, anyone can start drawing and painting, whether you're a pro or just getting started. Let’s explore the best drawing apps and software available in 2024, both free and paid, and see which ones are right for you.

Benefits of Using Drawing Apps and Software

Convenience and Portability

One of the biggest advantages of digital drawing apps is the convenience they offer. You can take your entire art studio with you wherever you go. Whether you're on a plane, sitting in a café, or lounging on your couch, all you need is your device to start creating. No more lugging around sketchbooks, pencils, and paints. Everything you need is right there in your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Undo and Edit with Ease

Mistakes happen, but with digital art, they’re not a big deal. If you make an error, you can easily undo it with a tap or click. This flexibility allows you to experiment and try new techniques without the fear of ruining your work. You can make edits, change colors, adjust compositions, and refine details effortlessly. It’s like having an infinite number of erasers at your disposal.

Access to a Wide Range of Tools

Drawing apps come packed with an array of tools that you might not have access to in the physical world. From a vast selection of brushes and textures to layers, filters, and blending modes, these tools can take your art to the next level. You can mimic traditional media like watercolor, oil paint, or charcoal, or explore unique digital effects that aren't possible with traditional materials.


Traditional art supplies can be expensive. High-quality paper, paints, brushes, and other materials add up quickly. Digital apps, on the other hand, often come at a fraction of the cost. Many excellent drawing apps are free or very affordable, and you won’t need to keep restocking supplies. This makes it easier for artists on a budget to access high-quality tools and materials.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing your work has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can upload your artwork to social media, share it via email, or send it to clients and friends. Many drawing apps also offer collaborative features, allowing multiple artists to work on the same project simultaneously from different locations. This opens up new opportunities for teamwork and learning from others.

Infinite Canvas and Zooming

Digital drawing apps often feature an infinite canvas, meaning you’ll never run out of space. You can zoom in to add fine details or zoom out to get a big-picture view of your composition. This flexibility allows for more intricate and expansive work without the limitations of physical paper size.

Customization and Personalization

Digital apps allow you to customize your workspace to suit your needs. You can adjust the interface, organize tools, and create shortcuts for your favorite features. This level of personalization can make your creative process smoother and more enjoyable.

Overall, using drawing apps and software can greatly enhance your creative process, offering tools and conveniences that traditional methods simply can’t match. Whether you're a beginner exploring art for the first time or a professional looking to expand your toolkit, digital drawing apps have something to offer.

Discover the Best Drawing Apps and Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Different Types of Drawing Apps by Purpose

Drawing apps come in different types to suit various needs, making it easy to find one that matches your artistic goals. Here are some common types and what they’re best used for:

Sketching and Doodling

These apps offer simple, intuitive tools that are perfect for quick, spontaneous creations. They typically include basic brushes and pens, allowing you to sketch out ideas, doodle for fun, or draft the initial stages of a project. These apps are great for artists who like to capture inspiration on the fly or create rough drafts before moving to more complex tools.

Advanced Drawing

For more experienced artists, advanced drawing apps provide features like layers, blending modes, and a wide variety of brushes. These tools give you greater control over your work, enabling you to create detailed and polished pieces. You can experiment with complex compositions, use advanced color correction, and employ various effects to enhance your artwork. These apps are ideal for professionals and serious hobbyists who need a robust set of tools.

Digital Painting

Digital painting apps are designed to mimic the experience of traditional painting, offering realistic brushes and textures. You can simulate watercolor, oil paint, acrylics, and more, with tools that respond to pressure sensitivity and tilt. These apps are perfect for artists who enjoy the feel of traditional media but want the flexibility and convenience of digital tools. They often include features like canvas textures, blending, and smudging tools to create rich, lifelike paintings.

Vector Drawing

Vector drawing apps use mathematical equations to create clean, scalable images. These are perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone creating logos, icons, or other designs that need to be resized without losing quality. These apps offer tools for precise control over shapes, lines, and colors, making them ideal for detailed illustrations and technical drawings.

3D Modeling

3D modeling apps allow you to bring your creations to life in three dimensions. These tools let you sculpt, model, and texture 3D objects, making them perfect for game design, animation, and other applications where 3D assets are needed. These apps often include features like rendering, lighting, and animation capabilities, enabling artists to create complex and realistic 3D models.

Top Free Drawing Apps in 2024

Free drawing apps are a fantastic way to dive into digital art without spending any money. They offer great tools for beginners and those on a budget. Here are some of the best free drawing apps you should check out in 2024.


  • Price: Free, with in-app purchases

  • Pros: Wide selection of brushes, supports pressure sensitivity, user-friendly

  • Cons: Limited features in the free version

MediBang Paint

  • Price: Free, with premium features available

  • Pros: Real-time collaboration, cloud storage, user-friendly

  • Cons: Ads in the free version, occasional bugs


  • Price: Free

  • Pros: Powerful vector tool, supports many file formats

  • Cons: Can be complex for beginners


  • Price: Free

  • Pros: Great range of brushes, animation features, HDR support

  • Cons: Interface can be overwhelming for new users

Top Paid Drawing Apps in 2024

Paid drawing apps often come with advanced features and tools that can take your artwork to the next level. If you’re serious about digital art, investing in a paid app can be worth it. Here are some top paid drawing apps for 2024.


  • Price: $9.99 (one-time purchase)

  • Pros: Extensive brushes and tools, smooth performance, intuitive interface

  • Cons: Only available for iPad

Clip Studio Paint

  • Price: $49.99 for PRO, $219 for EX (one-time purchase), or $0.99/month for basic plan

  • Pros: Customizable brushes, 3D models, perspective grids

  • Cons: Can be expensive, steep learning curve

Adobe Fresco

  • Price: $9.99/month or included with Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Pros: Realistic brushes, integrates with Adobe software, available on iOS and Windows

  • Cons: Monthly fee, may require powerful hardware

Autodesk SketchBook

  • Price: $3.99/month or $29.99/year

  • Pros: Clean interface, powerful brush engine, supports layers

  • Cons: Fewer updates, less feature-rich compared to some competitors

Discover the Best Drawing Apps and Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

New in 2024: Must-Try Apps

Every year, new drawing apps hit the market, bringing fresh features and capabilities. Here are some new must-try apps for 2024 that have caught the attention of the digital art community.


  • Price: Free with premium features starting at $2.99/month

  • Pros: Natural brush strokes, easy-to-use interface

  • Cons: Limited free version, subscription required for full access

Affinity Designer

  • Price: $24.99 (one-time purchase)

  • Pros: Powerful vector drawing tools, great for detailed illustrations

  • Cons: Steeper learning curve for beginners

Comparison of Free vs. Paid Drawing Apps

Choosing between free and paid drawing apps can be tough. Free apps are great for beginners and those on a budget, while paid apps offer more advanced features and customization. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

Free Drawing Apps

  • Pros: Cost-effective, great for beginners, good basic features

  • Cons: Limited tools, ads, fewer updates

Paid Drawing Apps

  • Pros: Advanced features, better performance, regular updates, no ads

  • Cons: Cost money, might be overkill for casual users

Best Drawing Software for Professionals

Professional illustrators and designers need powerful and versatile software to bring their visions to life. Here are some of the best drawing software options for professionals in 2024.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Price: $20.99/month

  • Pros: Extensive tools, integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, industry standard

  • Cons: Expensive, requires powerful hardware

Corel Painter

  • Price: $429 (one-time purchase) or $199/year subscription

  • Pros: Realistic painting tools, extensive features

  • Cons: High cost, steep learning curve

Adobe Illustrator

  • Price: $20.99/month

  • Pros: Perfect for vector art, precise tools, integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Cons: Expensive, complex for beginners

Best Drawing Software for Beginners

Getting started with digital art can be daunting, but there are some fantastic beginner-friendly options out there. Here are the best drawing software choices for beginners in 2024.


  • Price: $79 (one-time purchase)

  • Pros: Realistic painting experience, user-friendly

  • Cons: Fewer advanced features, high one-time cost


  • Price: Free basic version, $3.99/month for premium

  • Pros: Simple interface, comprehensive tools, great for beginners

  • Cons: Premium features require a subscription

Medibang Paint Pro

  • Price: Free with optional premium features

  • Pros: Wide range of brushes, user-friendly, community support

  • Cons: Ads in the free version, can be buggy

Drawing App and Software Recommendations for Different Devices

Depending on your device, some drawing apps and software might be a better fit than others. Here are the best recommendations for different devices.

For Desktop Users

  • Adobe Photoshop: $20.99/month – Best for detailed, professional work. It offers a wide range of tools and integrates well with other Adobe products.

  • Corel Painter: $429 one-time or $199/year – Ideal for those wanting a traditional painting experience with realistic tools and textures.

  • Clip Studio Paint: $49.99 – Great for illustration and comics, offering customizable brushes and 3D models.

For Tablet Users

  • Procreate: $9.99 – Top choice for iPad users with extensive features and a smooth, intuitive interface.

  • Adobe Fresco: $9.99/month – Perfect for iOS and Windows tablets, combining traditional and digital drawing tools.

For Smartphone Users

  • ArtFlow: Free – Good for on-the-go drawing with basic tools and an easy-to-use interface.

  • MediBang Paint: Free – Offers many features optimized for smaller screens, including cloud storage and real-time collaboration.

Discover the Best Drawing Apps and Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)


Drawing apps and software have changed how we create and share art. Whether you're just starting or you're a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone. Free apps like ArtFlow and MediBang Paint are perfect for beginners, while paid apps like Procreate and Clip Studio Paint offer advanced features for serious artists. Professional software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter provide the tools needed for high-end work, and beginner-friendly options like ArtRage and Sketchbook help new artists get started.

No matter what device you use, there’s a drawing app or software that can enhance your creativity. Dive into the digital art world, explore the best drawing apps and software of 2024, and let your creativity shine.


1. What are the benefits of using drawing apps and software?

Drawing apps and software allow you to undo mistakes easily, offer a variety of tools and features, provide the convenience of drawing anywhere, and make sharing your work simple.

2. What should I consider when choosing between free and paid drawing apps?

Free apps are great for beginners and those on a budget, while paid apps offer more advanced features and better performance.

3. What are some top choices for professional drawing software?

Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter are top choices for professionals, offering extensive tools and features.

4. What’s a good drawing app for beginners?

Sketchbook is excellent for beginners, offering a simple interface and comprehensive tools.

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