How to determine the price of your photography?


You need to learn how to control the correctness of the pricing model. This is extremely important for the photography business if you want to invest in equipment upgrades, attend your dream workshop, earn extra money on the side, or start your own firm.

Everything works on the same principle here as with any firm or other part of your life where income interacts with expenses.

Determine what is important to you. This is an often overlooked but less essential question that cameramen and entrepreneurs should ask themselves to set photography pricing properly. Be honest in your answers and dig deeper, and this will help you not literally spend years and a lot of money on an activity that is not your target.

The challenge is to decipher your goals, not only in terms of image but also in life. You can understand your goals, and what you have done to achieve them determine the price of your image.

As a firm person or just someone who does not want to go broke every time you buy new equipment; you must be very specific and honest with yourself about your goals and means. 

The pricing model for beginner photographers

The pricing model for beginner photographers

The novice cameraman will more often think about what to consider before announcing the cost of their services to the client.

What does the price depend on?

  1. The artistic value and quality of the work directly depend on the skill level of the photographer. The knowledge and skills determine how interesting and high-quality photos will turn out.

    The photographic equipment indirectly influences this parameter. More expensive and sophisticated modern photographic equipment will allow you to take better pictures. Photographic equipment is not a substitute for the knowledge and skills of a cameraman. It can make the process of shooting easier and reduce the time for image processing. If you don't have super equipment, you will make up for it with your time and skill.

  2. The well-being of your target audience is essential to the pricing model. The photographer must understand that prices in the capital or a resort town will differ from prices in small towns. This rule applies not only to regions. The same difference can be within the same city, depending on the area.

    This is especially true for the work of school and children's cameramen. School and child photographers know that prices will vary from school to school, from kindergarden to kindergarden, even within the same neighborhood. The welfare of clients varies greatly in institutions. Private schools or municipal schools, a popular academy, and a fashionable gymnasium or general education school.

    This does not mean at all that you can sell the same services at different prices. Wealthy schools pay more, more photo sessions, additional services, but at the same time; there are many demands and claims. Poor schools may pay less, photoshoots on-demand with standard quality and a minimum of requirements and claims. In private schools, for example, you can expect higher purchasing power from your customers. However, if your customers pay more, they expect and receive more and better quality. The result of the work must match the price - this is an important nuance in the photography business.

  3. Additional services will help you here. If you want to raise the price even higher, justify. Which one depends on your skills, imagination, and connections. Here are a few options that you can add yourself:

Studio photography

  • Additional charge for a quick photo. The unbearable long wait for the finished shots can cloud the impression of interacting with the photography business. Some clients measure themselves against those who have waited longer for photos. Do you want to surprise your customers in a very pleasant way? Make orders on time. For a cameraman's reputation, fulfilling the promised deadlines is more important than taking as many orders as possible in the expectation of earning more and not being able to cope. Take on the job as you can, involve assistants. If you submit photos on time, then photography pricing can be done higher.
  • Whatever you wish, I can do more. Try not to guess the desires of your customers but to create them. The client sometimes does not know what he wants until he sees that much is possible and even more. Always armed with a standard set of services and products, keep the cherry on top of the cake for special customers. Create your own special vision of collages, albums, or booklets. Everyone can standardize your motto, but for something unusual and special, it is for you.
  • Special terms of payment. Does your client want more than they can pay at once? Let it be so. If people come to you for quality, then offer quality in everything and even price your photography. A flexible payment approach is undoubtedly one of the quality factors. However, when offering your services on credit or in installments, do not forget to draw up a contract. The desire to please the client should not harm you.
  • Imagine, there are still customers who really like it. Something that can be felt and seen. You can offer a huge number of products in addition to the photoshoot: products with photos, posters, puzzles, calendars, clocks, recording of presentations, a film based on the photoshoot, and much more.
  • A cameraman's brand is important to the pricing model. Work continuously on your brand. A well-thought-out brand is a step towards recognition, loyal customers, and order flow. With each completed order, you contribute not only to your portfolio but also your reputation. Customers bring better customers than advertisements. But by itself, this rarely happens. The work process should reflect your responsibility and dedication. And armed with the principles of customer focus, you can safely demand a commensurate payment for the high standards of your work.

Now you know the factors affecting photography pricing. It's time to start defining your pricing policy just for you. Assess your knowledge, skills, available equipment, your target audience. Analyze the lead time of orders, the need to involve an assistant in their processing or use services and programs to simplify and speed up work processes. 


  • What does the price of photo depend on?
  1. The artistic value and quality of the work directly depend on the skill level of the photographer.
  2. The well-being of your target audience is essential to the pricing model.
  3. Additional services will help you here. 
  • How much does a photographer cost?

Hourly rates are typically between $50 to $200, while day rates range from $300 to $3,000 per photographer. Photoshoot sessions and packages start at $100 and quickly go up to $500 or more.

  • How to determine the price of your photography?

To understand the cost of your services, you should study the photographers market and understand how much you will be willing to sell your services for.

  • How much do photographers charge per hour?

When shooting commercial photo shoots, you always have to consider the cost of the studio. Renting a hall for an hour on average costs about $ 30, if the hall has any features, decorations, etc., or an aquazone, then the cost can rise to $ 50 per hour.

  • What is included in the services of a photographer?

The services of a photographer can be very different and are subdivided, depending on the type of photography:

  1. personal photo session
  2. pregnancy
  3. love story
  4. business style
  5. nature
  6. photography nude
  7. masculine style

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