How A Client Gallery Can Enhance Your Online Portfolio


What is a client gallery? This is a question we get asked a lot, from beginners to pros. So, in this week’s post, we will answer that question once and for all, as well as discuss how it can be useful, and how to make yours as effective as possible. 

So, What Is it?

In a nutshell, a client gallery is commonly used by creatives to share full sets of photos and other projects with a client. They are fast becoming the default way to share the results of any project, and it doesn’t have to empty the wallet, as some people are lead to believe. Some website builders have this function seamlessly integrated into the editor. 

What’s more, is that only you and your client can see the gallery relevant to them, thanks to password protection, so you don’t need to worry about copyright issues or people using your work illegally. 

How is a client gallery useful? 

Well, we touched on this previously, however, it is super useful for several reasons. For example, in Portfoliobox:

- Your work is kept safe and sound due to password protection, so only the people you share it with will see it.

- You can watermark images for further privacy and copyright protection.

- Clients can comment on any of the images in case they would like a certain aspect of the image to be enhanced before they do purchase.

Your clients can select and comment on the images.

Another major reason why creatives such as photographers should consider incorporating a client gallery for their online portfolio is that it allows you to simply download the images from a particular event and share them with your client right away. 

Once your client has accessed their private gallery, they can proceed to select the photos and/or videos they would like to order. 

Easy, effective, and fun for both you and your client. It allows you to continue working on other projects while your client selects their favourite images from the comfort of their own home and in their own time. 

Portfoliobox's client gallery lets your clients easily select and order images.

How To Create An Effective Client Gallery

Creating a client gallery as opposed to setting up an image viewing appointment with your client saves both parties a lot of time. Therefore, making sure your private gallery is as effective as possible is key to its success. 

Realistically, the majority of the ‘effectiveness’ of your client gallery is measured by your overall quality of images or videos. However, ensuring that the gallery is in order from the first image to the last will help your client keep track of the day. 

Also, from the client perspective, it will allow them to remember the day as it happened, which, if it was a significant event such as a wedding or birthday, would be a nice touch.

Ensure that while you will most likely be taking many photos of the same thing, not to upload all of them to your client gallery. Giving your client perhaps 3-4 images of the same thing is more than enough, anything more than that could potentially clog up the gallery and make it look unprofessional.


Making use of a client gallery is a very helpful tool that more often than not slips through the cracks and is forgotten about. If it saves you time and effort, and allows your client to view and purchase desired images in a convenient time and place for them, what’s not to love? 

And, with the added security of watermarking and password protection, utlising the client gallery feature of your site (if it has one) is an invaluable tool to add to your business.

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