How To Become Plus Size Model


To become a plus-size model, you need:

  • Get trained;
  • Take good photos;
  • Apply to modeling agencies;
  • Be a participant in open calls in modeling agencies;
  • Send photos to modeling agencies;
  • Attend modeling events.

If you're the owner of curvaceous and want to see your images in famous journals, you can be a plus-size model. Every person who has a big size of clothes can try to be a model. If you want to be connected with such an industry, you need to know that you can face a lot of competition in this area. However, you can work on your own, leaving applications with agents and demonstrating your abilities. These help you to get on the covers of magazines or be a model for social networks. Your success will depend on your perseverance and desire to have success like a model.

Certain knowledge of this industry, good photography and self-confidence are what will make you a great candidate for companies.

In this article, we will tell you about plus-size modeling, what they do, and how to be a plus-size model.

What is a plus-size model?

A plus-size model is a specialist whose task is to participate in photography and other areas of art to help the company advertise its services and products. Usually, the term size plus refers to women and men whose clothes are larger than the 12th size according to the American measurement system.

Although anyone with large forms can be a star of the glamor’s journal, strict beauty standards are still present. Agencies that look for people with large sizes of clothes evaluate other parameters and external data of candidates.

So, you should know that when you will try your hand at being a model, the condition of your face, hair, and even nails will also play a big role. Next, you should consider that modeling agencies offer work for women whose height is between 5'6" and 5'9". However, every company that hires models can have its required parameters. Plus-size for-profit agencies give you more flexibility in terms of height and other parameters.

We’ve found out who a plus-size model is, and now we invite you to find out what models in this area do.

What do plus-size models do?

As we have already said, the main task of plus size modeling is mainly to participate in a photo shoot to advertise the company's goods or services. Plus-size models can take part in photo shoots for:

  • Magazines;
  • Sites;
  • Product catalogs;
  • Advertising banners;
  • Posts on social networks;
  • Product labels.

Some people who like this industry want to work in large agencies that find a person to participate in advertising projects. Others want to find projects in small companies. Also, such models can choose where they work, in a company that specializes in all types of models, or choose agencies that only hire plus-size models.

How to become a plus-size model

How to become a plus-size model

There is always a lot of competition in the modeling business. The plus-size sphere is no exception. However, you always have a chance to get into a well-known and prestigious company and appear on the covers of fashion magazines. To become a plus-size model, you need to make a good portfolio of your work, apply to various modeling agencies, participate in various events for models, and you can also get training for models. 

Your portfolio can be of great importance for an advertising agency, so you should approach the issue of creating it responsibly. We also advise you not to miss any opportunity to take courses for models or participate in fashion shows, even as spectators. Send applications for participation in competitions and cooperation with trusted companies. However, before signing any contract, carefully read all its conditions and sign it only after agreeing on each of its clauses. In the future, you may hire a manager to help you find trusted companies and good working conditions.

We have prepared for you a whole list of recommendations that will help you become a plus-size model and start working with prestigious agencies.

Get trained

As a rule, people do not need any modeling diplomas to become plus-size models. However, such models do not hurt to receive training in the form of coaching sessions for models.

They usually are conducted by people who have knowledge or experience in a similar field of activity and can share it. Coaches can be experienced models, agents, trainers, and agency assistants. The coaches who run these educational courses for models can explain in more detail what the job is about, what the fashion industry is like, what photography techniques are, and how casting is prepared.

Some beginner models choose to attend classes at special modeling schools. They say everything is the same as during coaching sessions for models. Only classes take place in groups.

Also, people who want to try themselves in the field of plus-size modeling can attend acting classes, take training courses to gain knowledge in the field of public speaking, and be taught makeup.

Take good photos

As a rule, a modeling agency that is looking for plus-size models would like to see your portfolio. A good portfolio with high-quality photographs will reveal your potential and show employers what you are capable of and what topics you look best in.

You do not have to turn to professional photographers to create a portfolio. You can take photos yourself, as long as they are of high quality.

As for the portfolio format, we advise you to make it in the form of a folder with photos, as well as in electronic form.

If you decide to conduct a photo session yourself and take high-quality pictures for your future portfolio, use the following tips:

  • Wear simple clothes and don't wear make-up

When modeling agencies look at your portfolio, they will want to look at you naturally. They need to evaluate your parameters and face them as it is. When it comes to clothing, choose pastel-colored outfits without prints. We advise you to read journals such as BBW that are specialized in plus-size modeling. In this journal, you can find interesting and inspiring images for your look.

  • Set the right light

During the photo shoot, try to set the right light. It should be as natural as possible. You can also try different positions to get the most natural light.

  • Take versatile shots

For a good portfolio, you will need portrait shots and full-length photos. First, experiment with angles in front of the mirror to get good at the pictures. When you take portraits, ask your friends to help you, as it will be easier for the other person to point the lens in front of your eyes.

Apply to modeling agencies

Most often, models will get a job with the help of modeling agencies. These agencies help prospective employees find suitable jobs. If you find a good agency and will work as well as possible, your photos can be published on the pages of such a famous journal as BBW, which publishes interesting modeling photos.

To get into a modeling agency and sign a contract with them, you can do the following:

Be a participant in open calls in modeling agencies

Often, modeling agencies conduct open calls. You need to subscribe on social networks to the modeling agencies you would like to work with, as well as find their emails and follow the various advertisements for the search for models that you can go to.

Send photos to modeling agencies

If you want to become a plus-size model, you need to declare yourself to various agencies. Send them your photos by e-mail or by leaving requests on their websites. Sometimes agencies may ask you to send your photos through postal services.

Attend modeling events

Attend model meetups or open modeling shows. Often during such events, the organizers look closely at the audience and can offer you cooperation. You can also declare yourself and show your work. Events, fashion shows, exhibitions, and various samples are suitable.

However, when looking for a job, applying to an agency, or transferring any money on your part, make sure the company has a good reputation so that you don't fall into the trap of scammers. Official agencies can only charge you after booking a job for you.

What Skills Are Needed to Become a Plus-Size Model?

What Skills Are Needed to Become a Plus-Size Model

There are certain requirements for models of any type. You must develop certain qualities in yourself to be liked by agencies and get involved in projects. Consider the most popular requirements for models:

  • Self-confidence

Models should exude confidence in their body and their personality. The model's confidence is indicated by her gestures, facial expression, straight posture, and raised chin.

  • Possession of charisma

During photo shoots, the model must show grace and charm to interest the modeling agency. Also, try to be polite and balanced when interacting with people. These qualities attract people, and you can be sure that this will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants for places in modeling agencies. To train your charisma, you can also read such famous magazines as BBW, where you can show the modeling business employees and analyze their charisma.

  • Purposefulness

Do not get frustrated if you face criticism and rejection. This happens to every specialist in any field. You need to go further and try yourself in various projects. A lot of famous models from such magazines as BBW were trying themselves in plenty of modeling projects before starting their careers. Get knowledge and consider opportunities to make yourself known.

  • Physical health

Take time to exercise for your physical form. Work on your physical health, which includes proper nutrition, self-care, and quality sleep.

  • Self-organization

Most models find several projects for themselves and try to combine them. To keep everything on track, get yourself a diary or install modern software options that will help you work on time management and juggle activities.Thus, we have told you about plus-size models. If you want to get success, you will have to make an effort, but do not be afraid of failure. They will give you valuable experience. We advise you to develop your body and personal qualities and also offer your candidacy to trusted agencies.

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Who is the most famous plus-size model?

Ashley Graham is one of the most famous plus-size models. She started her career when she was 12 years old and has gradually achieved worldwide success.

Is size 12 plus-size?

Plus-size models fall into a range of sizes from 8 to 12. When it comes to clothing stores, different departments may have different labels. So, in one store, you can see the size-plus designation for 12 clothing sizes and in another for 14.

How much do plus-size models earn?

Plus size models can earn between $10,000 and $180,000. The average salary of such models is about $33,000.

Is it hard to be a plus-size model?

The difficulty in being a plus-size model is that there is a lot of competition in this area. However, if you put in the effort to improve yourself, keep fit, and develop certain skills, you can get into a good agency and become a professional model.

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