Online Writing Portfolio: What you need to know when creating


Make it stand out, show your unique and creative approach by choosing simplicity or an interesting background that will highlight your writing nature.

You should competently pack your skills and experience in the portfolio  to prove your professionalism, get a job, and orders. This is the most effective way of self-presentation and demonstrating your achievements. With its help, you can share your work and show yourself as a smart personality, having an eye for your business. The main criteria of a successful writing portfolio are:

  • simple and understandable texts without lexical and grammatical mistakes;
  • pleasant text design;
  • availability of information about the author.

But what to do if you are a beginner who does not have experience and examples of work? The answer is simple – start writing texts. Here you can apply the ability to invent and solve staged tasks. What does it mean? You can find a task on any copywriting exchange and perform it, even not responding to an order. Thus, you will collect a lot of samples of work for your portfolio because the stock exchanges are replete with tasks for any taste. Now let's figure out how to avoid typical mistakes when creating an online portfolio, what to write about yourself, and how to collect feedback on your work.

Tell about your skill

Tell about your skill

A portfolio is not only about examples of your work. It would be great if you write a short story about yourself at the beginning. But not about love for texts and your whole biography. Tell about problems you can solve, your skills, strengths, and priorities. The customer wants to know this important info when choosing a realizer. Pay attention to conceivable phrases you can use in your online portfolio to impress the viewer: 

  • Hello. My name is…;
  • I am a writer/copywriter/journalist;
  • I am writing advertising articles for blogs, posts for the social network, letters for mail-out…;
  • I worked at company X, had probation in Agency Y and training courses by the editor Z.

Don’t forget to attach your photo - it will cause more trust.

Define top-priority areas

When forming a writing portfolio, remember that, first of all, the customers pay attention to texts close to their field. You should describe in which areas you write. If you are in tune with writing extremely scientific or literary articles, add appropriate examples of your work. It is recommended to make a list of relevant texts, for example:

  1. texts for lending and mail-out;
  2. scientific articles;
  3. press releases;
  4. descriptions of goods and services;
  5. texts for webinars and courses.

But if you want to write everything for everyone, try to create a maximally multifarious portfolio. Before picking up the text to the portfolio, ask whether the client agrees.

Where to create an online portfolio

A reliable platform is one of the main things to consider for a successful writing portfolio. It is recommended to choose the most useful and understandable service. Take note of a worthwhile constructor to create a successful writing portfolio

Why choose Portfoliobox to build your writing portfolio? There are several reasons:

  • Easy to use. Portfoliobox allows even beginners to create unique portfolios. This can be done easily and creatively if approached with interest.
  • Large selection of themes. You don't just choose from a variety of themes, you can combine them within one portfolio, showing your skills and highlighting each page.
  • Account selection. We understand that portfolios are created for different purposes, so we give you the possibility to determine how many functions you need to create a portfolio. So, Light is suitable for beginners, and Pro Plus for professionals.

Choosing Portfoliobox, you get a unique opportunity to create catchy portfolios in a simple and fun way.

Tips for creating the best online writing portfolio

Tips for creating the best online writing portfolio

  • Choose the best texts

In the beginning, when you do not have a lot of work, add all the texts you like. Add any articles that got a good response from the customers or readers, collected a lot of views, comments, and likes. Further, regularly update your portfolio and change old texts to new ones. Ad texts that were written for popular brands and companies if you have some, because they attract attention. Try to fill the portfolio with texts of different formats: articles, mailing, advertising texts, lending, etc. However, make sure that the portfolio does not turn into an infinite canvas of your work. Generally, 10-15 texts in different formats are enough.

  • Load your certificates 

Can you boast of attending webinars, educational courses, and training on copywriting, journalism, etc.? Or maybe you have higher education? The employer must certainly know it! Load your certificates and diplomas - this you will have authority in the eyes of your customer.

  • Add feedbacks

To make an impression about your work, you can add feedback. But they should be useful, so do not add a banal “I’m pleased, thank you.” Choose only full-fledged, informative feedback. They should contain details reflecting a concrete situation. To collect such reviews, send a mini-form with questions and ask your customers to answer:

  • Why did you choose me as a performer?
  • How did my work help you solve the problem/task? What result did you get?
  • What did you like about my work?

Near the feedback, write the name of the client and company. It will be great if you add the client's photo or link to the social network. But only with his permission, of course.

Adhering to these simple, but at the same time essential tips, you will get an informative and interesting online writing portfolio. Remember that your main goal is to seem like a competent and creative person who can achieve unbelievable success in the field of writing.

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