Photography Trends in 2022


There are thousands of times more images around us, and a sophisticated audience simply cannot be surprised by a bright picture. Tracking photo trends allows photographers to understand their customers better. And marketers can quickly find content in photo stocks that will help them stand out from the competition. 
Since the advent of camera phones, photography has stepped into a new era and has gradually ceased to be inaccessible. You cannot call everyone a photogragher, who has a camera in his hands. But now everyone has the opportunity to shoot, and you cannot argue with that. 

The events of the past year and the global lockdown have had a major impact on the photography industry. This, in particular, is reflected in self-portraits, aerial photography, and product photography. At the same time, as a result of the natural development of technology, a trend has arisen for photography and processing using artificial intelligence.
In this article, we have collected 2022 trends in photography. Find out where to look for new ideas to impress customers and improve visual communication. You can create your own portfolio on the portfoliobox website, this is a convenient platform that is suitable for both photographers themselves and for those who are looking for them.

Inspiring forms of photography trends

Here are some trends that will be relevant for both photography and design. 

    • Live photos. With the development of mobile photography, vivid, possibly somewhat incorrect images came to the fore. Strained smiles, perfectly adjusted poses, and compositions built according to the ruler are already fed up. But the demand for emotions, sincerity, and movement in the frame is only growing. It is no coincidence that the story's format immediately gained popularity and recognition. Whatever you shoot, the audience in photography and design is interested in life.
    • Nostalgia for the nineties. In other words, the generation of millennials, a child or teenager in the 90s, has become the main target audience for many advertising campaigns. And the slight feeling of nostalgia for childhood and adolescence, which is associated with this time, helps marketers attract attention to the product. Polaroid-style shots, live film shoots, flash photography, neon colors are now in fashion again. A good excuse to dust off old albums and take inspiration from 20-year-old shots.

Photos from drones

    • Photos from drones. The same format where trends 2022 are dictated by new technology. Drones allow you to capture breathtaking footage from a height previously only seen in movies. A new look at architecture, cityscapes, and wildlife are available to photographers for filming in any genre, and prices for drones are falling in proportion to their popularity.
    • Minimalistic patterns. Photography trends beg for continuing the conversation about minimalism and background images. The versatility of simple snapshots was appreciated by web designers when precise and understandable interfaces came into fashion. Various objects such as textiles, nature, food, interiors are suitable for minimalistic photographs. The main advantage of patterns is that, despite their simplicity, the pictures are original and memorable.
    • Pop art still lifes trends 2022. The object of pop art can be absolutely any object, a glass of morning coffee, favorite shoes, or headphones from a phone. An unusual look at familiar things, an unexpected context, and a snapshot already tell the viewer a captivating story. Thanks to pop art gadgets, still lifes have become real design trends, especially social networks. So anyone who wants to be on the wave will have to learn to play with colors, composition, and shape to create their pop art masterpieces.

Technologies in photo

  • Technologies in photo. We live surrounded by gadgets, and photographs of our interaction with them will soon be called a separate genre. It is not always easy to convey the idea of ​​social media or an interface update through a snapshot. Still, the digital age gives us many opportunities to illustrate our life interestingly and vividly in an age of technological progress.
  • Favourite business. People who enthusiastically go about their business have a very inspiring effect on the audience. It doesn't matter if you are watching the process in life or a photograph. Pictures of entrepreneurs, artists, and artisans passionate about their favorite work attract users' attention and inspire them, just like the philosophy of hand-made and small businesses itself. Take note of these photography tips and photograph as much as possible.

Tips for taking a mobile photography

Because more and more people are taking pictures with mobile phones; there has also been a demand for this type of photography. To help you get great shots, here are some photography tips to help you.

Take a closer look at the exposition.

  • Your phone has artificial intelligence and adjusts the lighting in its way. But vision can be argued by using the exposure slider, a yellow square with the sun that appears when focusing on the subject. 
  • Adjust it to get the amount of light you need. Slight darkening sometimes gives the image depth and volume. In this mode, halftones, small shadows, and shine of light areas of the photo are visible. This is useful for a composition in which there are many light objects.

Remember the rule of thirds.

  • The image in the camera is divided into nine equal rectangles. The photographer's task is to arrange the subjects along the lines or along with them; these are essential photography tips. 
  • You will get a win-win composition that will immediately direct the viewer's gaze in the right direction by following the rule. In doing so, the composition will also induce him to consider the rest of the frame. Place the main shape of the frame not in the center rectangle but closer to the lines that frame it.

Learn to work with light. Light is a key ingredient in photography. The founder of Kodak said: “It's light that creates photography. Accept it and learn to work with it."

Experiment with shadows.

Shadows sometimes appear more dramatic in a photo than the elements cast them. Catch glare from the sun and reflections of light. Try backlighting and leaving the lighting behind your subject. And remember the important points. Working with shadows is an interesting photography trend.

The bright daytime sun will light up the footage and create a strong contrast between dark and light areas.

By placing the subject directly in sunlight against a dark background, you can get the effect of a studio shot. Shooting against the sun, you can catch the reflections of the rays, which, at a certain angle, will atmospheric complement the frame. Also, the contrast of light and dark areas will look advantageous in a landscape photo, especially in winter.

When shooting at night in mobile photography, static is important.

The smartphone camera does not make good shots in low light. Use a tripod or tripod to hold your smartphone in a stable position. You shouldn't press the capture button, as the phone will catch the slightest vibrations and leave you with a blurry shot. Hold the timer so you will have a few seconds in stock, and the phone will be stationary at the time of the shooting.

Learn the basics of the color palette.

  • There are four main colors red, green, blue, and mixing them in different proportions allows you to get all the other colors of the palette. The opposite shades are complementary colors. For example, if you shoot a yellow daffodil against a purple background of irises, it will look much better than on green grass. A harmonious combination is a set of colors of the same shade.
  • An imbalance is a set of incompatible bright colors. It's good to use this technique to induce the viewer to a certain emotion.

Remember that contrast is about shadows and highlights and the color and mood of the frame. You can spot a girl with a bright umbrella laughing in rainy weather, or you can capture the melancholic expression on an Indian woman's face against the backdrop of brightly colored shawls in her shop. You can also use color design trends in photography.

Top photography trends in 2022

Design trends, photographers, and art trends are shaped by world events. To always be on top of the topic, connect to trends that will gain new momentum next year.

    • Masks are everywhere. Since the beginning of last year, medical masks and respirators have become our must-have accessories. On the way to the supermarket or while walking, you can see many of these remedies. To some extent, they have become an additional source of information about their owner, as well as a symbol of time. As a result, photographers began to use masks as a creative tool for filming.
    • Transition to a vertical format. The pandemic has accelerated some of the processes already underway in marketing and technology. This, in particular, applies to the use of the Internet primarily from mobile devices. Next year, it is much more essential for an e-commerce brand to have an app and website optimized for mobile gadgets rather than a desktop version. Moreover, the main social networks are focused on mobile devices. This creates a demand for vertical photography.
    • Interest in nature. In the 2022 visual trends project, the theme of unity with nature will be interesting. The point is that nature helps to find peace in the current turbulent times. In recent months this opinion is also confirmed by statistics that Depositphotos customers have begun to purchase images of nature more often. This opens up many opportunities for authors in natural photography. If portrait photography is now a difficult task due to quarantine restrictions in many countries, photographers always have access to nature.

Selfies, family portraits, and small group shots

  • Selfies, family portraits, and small group shots. Many photographers today have difficulty finding subjects for creative experimentation. There are many precautions to take to set up a safe photoshoot outdoors or in the studio. This takes time and is not always convenient. How to regularly create portrait content in such conditions? Model your neighbors, family members, pets, and even yourself.
  • Nostalgic mood. People like to capture time with photography. Therefore, we all have pictures of children that evoke memories and the desire to share them. Generations Y and Z are known for their curiosity and interest in the decades gone by. This is reflected in modern advertising, film, fashion, and design trends. Images that convey the aesthetics of the past are at their peak today.
  • AI photography and processing. In most cases, clients of stock platforms or photographers cannot distinguish between a machine learning image processed using a neural network. This is why artificial intelligence is so important. These technologies allow authors to save time and effort on routine tasks requiring creativity.

Photography trends show what really matters to brands and their audiences today. They are also a great starting point for finding photo ideas and improving your portfolio.
Next year is a good time for those with experience in nature, product, and aerial photog. The good news is that technology continues to advance, and routine tasks are becoming less time-consuming for photographers thanks to modern AI-powered tools.
When tracking trends, do not forget that in creative photography, not only the market is important, but also your unique author's vision. You can create your portfolio on the portfoliobox website, which is a convenient place to post your works.


What are the current trends in photography?

Trends are moving towards machining, aerial photography, vertical format, and authentic vision. The main thing remains an art and an unusual format.

What are photography trends in 2022?

Trends will reflect how distancing has affected people and the world. Photos of masked people and images of drones will remain in the trend.

What is the trending color for the 2022 photo?

Purple is the trend color for this year. Prepare for subtle hues in your photos and designs.

What's the main idea behind photography trends 2022?

The main idea is an unusual perspective, the most asthenic, natural, and imperfect shots. Use a vertical format or start taking mobile photography.

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