Plus-Size Fashion: Size Doesn't Matter After All


The statement “Size does matter after all” becomes unpopular in the fashion industry day after day. The standard parameters “90-60-90” are dying. The modern model industry engages the ample girls with charismatic appearances and tempting shapes to demonstrate versatile, designed apparel on the runway and the fashion magazine cover pages.

The plus-size popularity is not somewhat new. Art history knows many examples of the plummy female figures. The Aphrodite’s nonideal shapes, Rubens art view about the beauty of the woman’s constitution, and the US revolutionary fashion ideas represent the unexhausted list of the plus-size model examples.

To work in a plus-size fashion business is relatively easy due to the high development of supplementary technology devices and tricks. The skilled photographers and UX designers experiment with a broad range of photo editing tools and filters to remove undesirable spots and improve the photo quality. The development of SMM instruments also positively affects the promotion of neglected fashion beauties. Instagram and Facebook open expanded opportunities for the trend of commercial photography advertisements and encourage the plus-size models to create their Inet-based portfolios.

So, the sexy-shaped plummies like Kardashian and Graham confidentially occupy the podium market and inspire girls not to be afraid to change their lives and rule the world of fashion.

Plus-size Fashion History

To admire the plummy sexy female shapes is not something new or extraordinary. The ancient Greeks and Romans highly appreciated women with curves. It was like a signal: these girls can give birth to a healthy child. They were the traditional sample of elegance and passionate desire. Long before photographers, the primary sculptors even made the artist masterpieces, emphasizing the Aphrodite-like shapes.

In the baroque epoch, the curvy girls have deemed the ideal. They dictated the trends and used to be a sample of the female bodies. Perhaps, the Rubens period would become much more profitable for the plus-size fashion industry.

The fashion industry started plus-size cloth production in the 1920s. The American designer and the Lane Bryant shopping network founder, Lena Himmelstein, offered the line for the plummy women and made the drastic revolution in the modern industry. The idea continued to accompany Jazz's growing popularity and the exotic appearance of the relevant singers.

At the same time, models with sizes 18 and over were captured on the appropriate posters, and fashion designers applied the term “plus-size” to keep a balance of politeness and accuracy for the distinct type of fashion supermodels.

The creative, untypical direction of the modeling business made a tangible furor and proved the men's preference for curvy girls with magnetic shapes. So, the plus-size cover girls demonstrate tempting shapes broadly, loved by fashion bloggers, journalists, and designers. Also, the model agencies working only with the plus-size mannequins provide beneficial opportunities for the fashion industry and motivate the photographers to specialize in the new shooting subtype.

How to Create a Plus-Size Model Portfolio?

Plus Size Model Portfolio

Any starting or experienced plus-size model needs to compile a particular photo package, so-called portfolio, which demonstrates their specific skills and appearance features acceptable for some modeling activities or fashion business requirements. Fortunately, this CV-like method for self-presentation has a standard pattern and action algorithm easily conceived to follow.

  • A professional photographer is 90% of the successful model portfolio

To be a queen of the fashion plus-size industry is possible if you have a charismatic appearance, runway and posed talents, and, of course, a qualitative portfolio that increases your strengths and skillfully hides some inequalities. An experienced photographer specializing in fashion portrait photography is a crucial element for your successful model career. The photographer always helps to pick up the perfect shooting angles and suggests the best portfolio content for any commercial fashion focus area. Some professional photography agencies specialize in plus-size capturing and work with the top models of this particular fashion direction.

  • Win-win photo sizes

The standard portfolio photo measures 8x10 in dimensions. However, it is not obligatory. Try to experiment with creative portfolio options assembled under the recommendations of the photography designer. The professional photo-masters know what the fashion designers or the businessmen expect to see in the capturing CVs.

  • Must-have photoset

To satisfy the specific requirements of the model agencies and commercial brand owners. Each photographer understands phototypes that demonstrate various angles of the plus-size model features. Face portraits, long-length portraits, posed commercial photography shoots, and extraordinary Vogue-like captures are the must-have components for every portfolio photo session. The presented works discover the abilities of plus-size supermodels, their stylish preferences, and natural beauty lines.

  • Photo editing process

Frequently, the fashion portfolio works need particular corrections via different filters and optimization apps. It does not mean that the final imaginations will differ from reality. The prof editors should improve the shooting light and resolution options and remove some imperfections. Even top plus-size models use the photo editing processes to improve their capture quality.

  • Assembly of the ready-made portfolio

After the shooting, the photographer should get acquainted with the final steps of the portfolio. When photo editing and making final drafts, photographers need to assemble the received result into a stunning portfolio. The capturing folder is compiled carefully and professionally. Also, the photographers prepare an e-version of the capturing CV designed in an easy-read format.

Famous Fashion Plus-Size Instagram Divas And Gods

The fashion world has many representatives of plus-size modeling. The famous plus-size supermodels have yummy shapes resembling a triangle, pear, or apple. The most precious is a guitar-shaped constitution, highly preferable by males. Their success stories inspire the shy, curvy girls to believe in themselves and teach the young photographers to build the fashion model shooting business via social media tools. 

Kardashian-Jenner sisters

Kim and Khloé Kardashian, and Kalye Jenner are the icons of the fashion plus-size industry. They have an active social Instagram life; their sensational private life reveals make them famous and make others follow their appearance standard. Any photography expert could highly evaluate the quality of the photos edited according to commercial needs. Perhaps, in real life, their bodies are not perfect. However, the captures show absolutely the opposite.

Moreover, the Kardashians-Jenner promote commercial brands and manage their fashion, cosmetics, and other business activities.

Ashley Graham

One of the most glorious, stunning, and wanted fashion goddesses, she walks on the world's catwalks and runs Instagram stories. She started her modeling career in 19, cooperating with the initiator of the plus-size fashion, Lane Bryant. Having a perfect guitar-shaped body, Ashley earns quite a lot of money. You can see her on the cover pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. Her body looks desirable for men and raises the jealousy of many skinny women. However, the unedited shoots of this model could discover some flaws.

Ashley Graham plus size model

Precious Lee

This supermodel as a natural spice girl made a bold statement in the fashion industry as the first African American plus-size model on the Vogue pages. She received everything that the top plus-size model should have. Easy-going and camera-friendly, Precious is a cover girl of various magazines. Her appearance allows her to manipulate the lighting and shooting to attain the desirable visual effects.

Precious Lee plus size model

Alessandra Garcia‑Lorido

The daughter of the famous Latin American talented actor, Andy Garcia, knows the capturing focus from early childhood. However, her famous family relations do not affect the model career. She inherited a charismatic appearance with curves; she is highly appreciated by the giants of the fashion world - IMG, Lane Bryant, and Target. She signed some beneficial contracts with such brands as Christian Siriano, H&M, Forever 21, and Wet n Wild. 

Felicity Hayward

The British plus-size model impresses with her fancy and well-edited photos. Aspiring photographers could learn photo editing if they analyze commercial and boudoir portraits of this model. 

Felicity Hayward plus size model

Barbie Ferreira

After Aerie presented a new promotional campaign of U-wear with Barbie, she got fame as well. This company is well-known due to its natural model illustrations. No shopped photos, special effects, or retouched elements, just the female body as it is. Maybe that is why many agencies like to work with Barbie as she concentrates on all positive features of the female body.

Barbie Ferreira plus size model

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn is not only Kalye Jenner’s best friend. She is a forward-looking, successful model who made a rush at the New York Fashion Week. Despite her pioneer modeling status, she has already collaborated with prominent magazines like Vogue and Elle. Jordyn is a charismatic and memorable personality; however, she does not neglect to eliminate flaws in her photos and posts pics on social media.

Jordyn Woods plus size model

Iskra Lawrence

British model and the RunwayRiot fashion website project manager vehemently refuses to be treated as a plus-size supermodel. She has an active social life and posts her unretouched photos on Instagram and Facebook, demonstrating the female natural beauty.

Although plus-size fashion is frequently associated with yummy female shapes, the male world represents the hard, strong men worthy of naming a plus-size model. They are less popular, but their Instagram profiles state the opposite.

Iskra Lawrence plus size model

Tevin “Milo” Evans

The creative model has a photogenic appearance and some experience in the commercial portrait business. His stylist skills help to make a vivid and curious look for the urban and fashion photo sessions.

Tevin “Milo” Evans plus size model

Alex Frankel

The fashion photographers highly prefer Alex’s face - he looks sexy as the dandy guy or the classical brutal gentleman. His photos do not need some profound changes or corrections. The stylist brands love to work with Alex as a charismatic personality. If you see his captures on the fashion city lights or magazines, you entirely agree to name him a top plus-size model in the nearest future.

Alex Frankel plus size model

Brett Morse

Brett is not a typical plus-size mannequin due to its Olympic athlete body constitution. His sports experience helps to build a successful career as a male fashion icon. His first work in advertising campaigns and Instagram posts proves he likes a camera, and a camera does.

Brett Morse plus size model

Steven Martin

This German-rooted plus-size supermodel is a fantastic example comparable with the operatic tenor constitution who keeps significantly fit. His friendly and open-minded character creates lovely and profound portraits in white-and-black filters with minimum retouch effects.

Steven Martin plus size model

Nemar Parchment

Nemar is a relatively young and perspective plus-size fashion model with a conspicuous appearance. His agonistical shape perfectly supplements the sports fashion industry, and his camera-friendly face creates eye-catching shoots for any photo session.

Plus-size fashion is a growing trend of the modern world - each appearance feature could be improved by professional photography retouching and filters.

Nemar Parchment plus size model


  • Who is the best plus-size model?

The US is rich in numerous beautiful and sexy plus-size models such as Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, Kate Wasley, Georgia Pratt, Kardashian-Jenners sisters, etc. They are genuinely Instagram goddesses and role models. Their photos are stunning and attract the attention of both male and female audiences.

  • How much does a beginner model get paid?

The plus-size parameters almost do not mean the special bonuses or fees for the involved models. The starting mannequins always receive up to 20 USD per hour. Experienced fashion icons can earn about 200 USD per hour. The key factor determining the price is the fashion modeling direction and the experience.

  • How do I start a plus-size model portfolio?

To create a helpful portfolio demonstrating your strengths, you need to find a skilled and experienced photographer who can capture you from the best side. Try to choose specialists with proper knowledge of capturing techniques and filter applications that highlight your potential in the best way.

  • What size of a model portfolio will be?

The standard number is 8’ to 10’ photos. The dimensions are not strictly regulated and could be changeable according to the fashion model's needs. The professional photographer always helps to compile the best portfolio for the particular fashion direction or the specific client requirements.

  • What should a model portfolio include?

Each portfolio composition consists of particular structural elements ordered by the growing modeling skills. The portfolio designer should compile a set of photos focusing on the portrait presentations. Also, they include long-length pictures and thematic photography works. The mandatory topics are bodysuit pose in Vogue style, commercial offers, various lighting and resolution options. The plus-size portfolio closure may present a close-look portrait with minimum make-up and cloth to show your natural beauty.

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