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In this article, we will show you how to create a beautiful and effective portfolio that will attract many clients to you. And also we will tell you where you can do it easily and quickly.

A portfolio is a well-formed list of works by a specialist.

For example, a copywriter's portfolio consists of texts written by them, sorted by subject or type of text (commercial proposal, content for sites, slogans).

A model's portfolio is a snapshot that gives an idea of ​​how the model works in different ways. A portfolio of a web designer, for example, includes images of websites, banners, and other design products made by them.

Clients judge the performer by the level and quality of work in the portfolio - whether it is worth working with them or not. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the design of your portfolio.

How to build a portfolio?

Highlight the directions in which you would like to create a portfolio. For example, a copywriter may have commercial offers, texts for sites, naming, slogans. For a photographer: reportage photography, portraits, wedding photography, etc.

For each area, select your best work and projects of average quality. It is optimal to include 10-20 pieces of work in each direction in the portfolio; this will already create an accurate idea of ​​your level in the client.

Consider a beautiful portfolio design. For example, a freelance copywriter can create one file in .doc, presenting all selected commercial offers, or create separate files for each text. The main thing is that they are correctly designed. You can create several folders where you can add works by directions.

Submit your portfolio on the internet, on a personal website, flash drive, or disk. Ideally, if your portfolio is always with you - you never know where you will have to communicate with a client.


What works can you add to your portfolio?

The first question that arises when creating a portfolio is what to present? If you are a beginner freelancer, then that's it. In this case, the amount of materials works for you. The quality may be below the level of the guru, but you show the customer - you already have completed projects, and there are many of them!

The main thing is to have experience. If you are far from a beginner and have a thousand written news and articles or hundreds of launched sites behind you, then choose intriguing work. You are a professional, and you know what work is your best.

However, you shouldn't over-embellish your work. It is important to include both the best and the mid-range projects in the portfolio. The client must understand what quality you can deliver consistently, and not only in the case of a "creative blow".

Where can you make yourself a portfolio?

Where can you make yourself a portfolio?

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What do you need to know about a portfolio?

at do you need to know about a portfolio

The art portfolio shows the approach to work.

Design your portfolio with style. Everyone has a different taste. Remember - the less visual clutter, the better the information will look.

Garbage is backgrounds, patterns, flowers, and leaves, bright dies that distract from work. Rubbish is curly fonts that are impossible to read. All unnecessary information is rubbish.

A portfolio is needed both for beginners in the profession and for experienced professionals, for both office workers and freelancers - this is a fantastic opportunity to show your best work, achievements, and potential.


Emphasize your best work. It is crucial to show the customer not the quantity but the quality of your work, so add only the best and illustrative examples to your portfolio.

Make your portfolio easy to use. Arrange the work so that anyone can quickly understand and look at it. Don't force the client or employer to untangle your sorting logic or wait for large files to upload.

Combine work by topic. This will help both you and the customer better navigate the portfolio. For instance, if clients are interested in a wedding photo session, and your portfolio looks like a “sheet” of various photographs, they will not be comfortable looking for examples of wedding work.

Add a "Contacts" section. Be sure to post your email and links to your Facebook, Linked In, or Behance page.

Add an About Me section. This section can be added, but do not overload it with information. It is enough to indicate a few of your achievements or awards and write a little about what you love to do and why.

Remember to add to your portfolio regularly. As soon as you have done something significant and of high quality - add this work.

Choose a minimalistic design. It doesn't matter if it's a portfolio site or a regular google doc - in any case, your work should be the primary focus, not the colors or fonts of the design.

It would also be nice to add a good quality photo of yourself - a simple portrait in good lighting.

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