What is Audio Portfolio?


Besides, if you are a musician, actor, singer, speaker, translator, etc, an audio portfolio is specifically your resume. Put it otherwise, the best method to show yourself is a demo record of your voice.

The portfolio itself is a powerful tool with which you can make a good impression and come across very well. The main purposes of the portfolio are to demonstrate professionalism and striving for a successful result, as well as the persuasion of a potential employer or client to cooperate with you. Let’s say that you have graduated from a specialized educational institution, for example, the acting or pop singing faculty, or think that your talent disappears in vain. What is your first question to yourself? That's right: where and how to practice. If one of the theaters or schedule of concert speeches is already waiting for you, it’s great. But what to do if it is missing? You should make an audio portfolio that will help you to fulfil your potential.

Why do you need an audio portfolio?

Fortunately, the Internet saved us from the wearisome physical bustle in search of work. For one thing, you can paw through the network for sending your resume only with «dry» information without audio files. What answer will you get? "Send a demo of your voice" - this is a probable employer’s answer for you because just written information in the art area is enough. You can be assured that an audio portfolio is mandatory. You should complete a qualitatively recorded set of audio records, where you create music on your favorite musical instrument, read an excerpt from any book, or demonstrate all the nuances of your voice that can be useful in voice acting or computer games. With such a portfolio, you will have a lot more chances to get the desired job.

Do you need it? Probably yes, if you want to:

  • work on the radio;
  • work in the music area; 
  • record audiobooks;
  • sing in the public spotlight;
  • your voice to sound in commercials or announcements of one of the TV channels;
  • voice the characters of computer games.


It is also necessary if you do not have an acting education, but there is a sufficient amount of perseverance and the desire to achieve the goal and a bright and deep voice timbre. Let’s envisage some versions of situations where an audio portfolio is mandatory. 


Work on radio

Today, just a few of the linear producers on radio stations can afford such a luxury - spend time on experiments with the employee. Therefore, to understand whether it is reasonable to cooperate with you, it is enough for the producer to listen to your audio portfolio. Your demo voice recording should contain three options for your ability to host the airwaves:

  • morning air, when you cheerfully and jokingly give fresh information, correctly select musical tracks and, in fact, are a beautiful background for the audience during the breakfast;
  • maintaining the author's radio program, when you can put music to your taste and carry any message to the listener at this particular moment;
  • maintaining a program of requests. Here, your cherry on the cake should be a filigree skill accurately and laconic talk about a person who ordered the track, to whom he dedicated it, etc., and also, express your attitude to what is happening on the air here and now.




Most writers, for some reason, believe that write a book and read it in the studio in their own author's performance - this is actually the same thing. But still, it seems that the author is better to write the book, but the artist will read it to the listener. Today, a huge number of recording companies produce audiobooks. Choose your favorite book, disassemble the first page on the acting tasks and subtext, and come to the chosen studio. A few hours later, you will have a really high-quality demo record.


Advertising clip

Any customer referring to the advertising agency for the production of an advertising clip asks for samples of votes that will voice his slogans. Here the agencies run off their legs, in search of these samples; usually in special bases of votes. Log in to such a base - your direct-acting task. It is necessary to send your audio portfolio to all agencies with a reading of several standard advertising clips, and your employer will invite you to the next project. 

These were just a few examples of areas where the audio portfolio can play a very important role for you. Your main task is to make it right. Include only the most successful works that show you from the good side, and completely demonstrate your potential and creative energies in the portfolio. When it comes to the number of necessary records, it is not worth loading a potential employer or a client with a large amount of your work. Let it be several of your audio records, but high-quality and memorable. We wish you success in creating your audio portfolio and search for the desired work!

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