Vacancies for Fine Art Majors


As a rule, an applicant for artist jobs has already been engaged in painting, drawing, or has tried some kind of arts and crafts for several years. But mistakes are still possible. For example, to become a teacher, you need pedagogical talent, love for children, sociability, and an even temperament. And to take up industrial design, it is not enough to be good at drawing and have creative abilities: you need to know physics, mathematics, and an analytical mindset well. A web designer, for example, will learn programming languages and harmony laws.

Thus, the fields and narrow specializations within art jobs are so diverse and demand so many qualities from students that it is better not to make a mistake with the program choice.

Separate issues are the demand for specialists in the labor market and the opportunity to earn money.

In this article, our Portfoliobox team will give you interesting information as:

The Importance of a Degree for Artist Jobs

The Importance of a Degree for Artist Jobs

An art education is necessary for designers, architects, and artists who want to have a professional job in the art field. Of course, you do not need a higher education in applied arts and crafts to paint, make pictures for yourself or sell. Future teachers of fine arts also require an art degree for a job. The criteria for beauty seem blurred to people far from art-related jobs.

When they see a painting in the style of "abstractionism," they might declare: "I could do that too!” But art people know that any art is an element within the rules. There are clear criteria for harmony in fine arts jobs:

  • Before expressing oneself in abstraction, future artists thoroughly master classical drawing and painting and study the rules of composition. And this is challenging work, requiring many hours of hard work, not to mention that you must initially have an aptitude in this field.
  • As for architects and designers, it is even more complicated. The objects and designs have to meet clear criteria for the artist's job, including not putting customers at risk. 

Therefore, designers and architects, in addition to artistic disciplines, study engineering disciplines:

Landing the Art-Related Job

Landing the Art-Related Job

Creative skills and talents can be applied in everyday life by obtaining an in-demand profession, for example, in artist jobs. Most people think that in-demand or paid-well jobs in the arts include artists, theater and film actors, entertainers, and event hosts.

In reality, however, there are many more professions in the arts. The notion of art is linked to the artistic image, embodied by various means: painting, music, literature and art, and acting.

In each area, you can find creative occupations that make aesthetic value:

  • The professions of artist, painter, decorator, and sculptor are directly related to visual activities.
  • Musicians, conductors, composers, performers, and accompanists are associated with musical activities.
  • Literary and artistic - poets, writers, journalists, scriptwriters.
  • Acting and scenic - theatre and cinema actors, ballet and circus dancers.

Which jobs related to art and creativity are in demand? Real talent will always be wanted. It does not matter what a person chooses to be creative. It is much more important to study.

Even at admission, you must pass creative and sophisticated tests. Not all cities offer education, and only a few people out of hundreds will be able to convince the admissions officer of their talent. It is possible to prove yourself in other areas of art to avoid failure and rejection in the art field jobs.

Jobs for Fine Arts Major

Jobs for Fine Arts Major

There are a lot of different jobs, for example:

  • Architect;
  • Graphic designer;
  • Illustrator;
  • Game artist;
  • 3D modeler;
  • Production designer;
  • Animator;
  • Fashion designer;
  • Restorer.

An art education, drawing, modeling, and composing skills will help you easily manage many fine art jobs and achieve great results. You do not have to become a freelance artist, paint, exhibit, and sell your masterpieces. In the 21st century, the list of careers for artists has long gone beyond the brush and the canvas.

Of course, to make a name for yourself and be successful, you'll need to be educated and skilled, but that doesn't stop you from creating. It only makes you stronger.

Here are some of today's artists' jobs where computer skills and the ability to draw are valued:


creats something new, designing houses, and structures, combining creativity and technique. Construction is ongoing, this art job that is paid well is in demand, and its value will only increase in the future.

Graphic designer 

is a job for graphic artists. It is popular, demanded, and allows you to create in the literal sense of the word. You can also work remotely. A graphic editor often makes advertisements, booklets, posters, layouts, packages, and websites. In this profession, you have to know color, composition and work with graphic and multimedia programs.


works in a publishing house, creating covers and illustrations for books. The artistic profession is claimed by the mass media.

Game artist 

creates characters, visual effects, and artefacts for games in mobile applications and social networks. This art-related job requires experience in computer games and interests.

3D modeller 

is engaged in cinematography, computer games, and presentation projects. Talented visualizers and 3D modelers can easily find an artist job abroad.

Production designer

creates environments for the theatrical stage and films. Develops blueprints, set designs, props, and selects locations for filming. 


produces images, sketches and works in 2D and 3D.

Fashion designer 

must be good at drawing, making accurate calculations, and have an out-of-the-box creative mind.


restores damaged paintings. They should be able to use different materials and techniques, give an expert opinion, reproduce an artist's skills, and select material for the job.

So with an education and an innate taste for art, artists are well placed to find a creative and in-demand job in the art field.

Jobs Related to Culture and the Arts

Jobs Related to Culture and the Arts

Some people cannot draw, cannot sing beautifully, and cannot play instruments well at all.
But that does not mean such people cannot recognize artistic talent, a beautiful voice, or stunning musicianship. Yes, they can. Their job can also be related to culture and arts, but more on the side of expertise, appreciation, criticism, and research.

It includes positions such as:

  • art historian;
  • art critic;
  • music historian;
  • cultural historian;
  • journalist. 

All of these are also jobs related to art and culture. Critics assess actors' performance and nominate films for awards, journalists who discover new stars, and who, if not art historians, are best placed to judge the artistic talent of a painting or installation.

And also, true professionals are opinion leaders. They can organize and plan an exhibition and convince an audience to visit it, talk about a new film, increase the box office, and discover a talented singer to the public, making it popular. So, a job not directly related to art and culture may pay well, but becoming an opinion leader and leading the public is not easy. You need subject knowledge in your field, techniques in psychology, and of course, popularity is also important.

Aesthetic Professions

Fine arts and creativity jobs are also about aesthetics. Which professions could be described as aesthetic? These professions undoubtedly include those that create a festive atmosphere and introduce art and beauty. The main aesthetic jobs can be divided into:

  • Performing professions: theatre and film actors, choreographers, theatre and film directors.
  • Musical: singer-songwriters, musicians, composers, DJs.
  • Artistic: painters, illustrators, sculptors, artisans (painting, ceramics, carving, wool felting).
  • Literary: poets, writers, scriptwriters.

The list of art field jobs includes those directly related to aesthetics and artistic expression and are suitable only for creative people. To succeed in the aesthetic profession, creative people spend years sharpening their skills, increasing their knowledge, and devising new directions. Creativity is not just a talent but also daily work.

Art Jobs that Pay Well

Art Jobs that Pay Well

High salaries don't just go to directors and business people. Famous actors, directors, artists, and entertainers are capable of earning an order of magnitude higher. It is known that some stars' royalties often exceed an entire city's budget. Not surprisingly, these are the most obvious well pay creative and art jobs.

Unfortunately, being famous and popular is not for everyone, but even if you do not make millions, you can still earn good money, not only on the stage or in the movies.

Today, the list of high-paying creative professions includes people with more than just an acting or directing education.

Today's job market pays well for new professions, high-tech professions that are just coming into life, and there are few specialists in the art field:

Web designer

All occupations involving the use of modern software are highly paid for. By the way, you can also work in television, or you can work in advertising, animation, and publishing. Salaries range from $30,000 and higher. It all depends on experience and the place of work. If you have more experience, you become a better employer. That is why you receive higher wages.

Interior designer 

People build houses, and cottages, make repairs, and decorate rooms at any time, so the profession is always in demand. But at the beginning of your career, you do not have to count on a significant income. At first, you have to make a name for yourself and prove yourself to be a good specialist, and then the salary will be up to $60,000. What is not an art job that pays well?

Landscape designer

More often, owners of private houses dream of creating a beautiful recreational area and invite professionals to do it. Of course, not everyone earns money, but not everyone gets a good education. Very frequently, it is more of an amateur. But if you have a good diploma and experience, you can get an order in the future. For example, from the city administration to equip the square or park. The specialist will permanently secure a good income.

Stylist, image maker

The job is in demand among artists, politicians, and public figures. For them, they create special images. Salary depends on the status of the client. Some stylists and image makers become famous, and their creative profession is highly paid.


The profession is also connected to fine art jobs. It requires skill in working with precious stones. That's why the salary is always small at the beginning of one's career. But as they gain experience and create their style, their income rises. Rarely does a specialist with experience earn little, and they almost always earn a lot.

Clip maker 

Creates commercials and video clips. When clips are popular, the salary can reach up to $300,000. Someone can think you can only become a music video maker with good connections. But it is not true. Everyone has a chance to do it in the Internet age with phones and computers. It is also one of the highest-paid art field jobs.


It is the highest-paid creative profession. But becoming a producer is not easy. Knowing the organization of tours and concerts and having good connections is necessary.

In the job market, education, skills, experience, and references are the primary value in almost any profession. But in the artist's job, it is all in plain sight, and it is much easier to show your professionalism.

A few words from Portfoliobox

To sum up, there are many in-demand fine arts jobs. Some of them are high-paying, and some relate to the richness of the spiritual. In any case, show business, theater, and film are not the only options for a good income. Among the highest-paying artistic professions are now valued and quite ordinary specialties, so even without acting skills to find themselves in the works of art can almost anyone. All you have to do is look hard enough. It should be remembered that before you start a career in the creative sphere, you should present yourself correctly. Professionals from Portfoliobox will help you with this, making a proper portfolio of your works. 


What art major is paid the most?

The highest-paid art-related job is that of a graphic designer, especially in our digital world.  Salaries in the US start at $53,000 with less than one year's experience and go up to $120,000 in some companies. You can be involved in creating and developing advertising layouts, working in publishing, and designing websites and logos. 

What are the 7 Fine Arts?

The four main forms are painting (work executed in color, in paint, on a plane), graphics (work executed with lines, strokes, on a plane without paint), sculpture (work executed in volume by carving, molding, casting) and architecture (the art of creating buildings, structures). Also, there are: arts and crafts (the art of decoration), literature, and music art.

Is art a stable career?

In most cases, yes. But again, it all depends on your chosen job, perseverance, and luck. But the artist job of a web designer or jeweler is more stable than that of an artist.

How many years do I have to study for an art profession?

Higher education usually takes 4-6 years to complete at a college or university. If you wish to study for a PhD, you will have to learn another 2-3 years. You will also need a teacher's recommendation.



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