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It will help you demonstrate your skills, strengths, and professionalism as a whole. Currently, the most relevant option is an online portfolio with the use of modern technologies. It is a collection of works and achievements available online. A portfolio allows you to show individual achievements or progress for a certain period, reflect the level of knowledge, and abilities. An online portfolio can be done in different forms, ranging from a standard document or infographic posted on a web resource, ending with blogs and full-fledged websites. Of course, a collection of work or projects can also be a part of your portfolio. In fact, it may include any materials or data reflecting the process of obtaining experience, as well as various types of awards, premiums, certificates, reviews, and recommendations. 

Who needs a portfolio?

The portfolio is primarily used by representatives of artistic endeavors - journalists, designers of all specializations, architects, photo models, etc. However, this tool is becoming increasingly popular: teachers, PR managers, programmers, enrollees, students, and other people also can take advantage of creating portfolios. 

Do you need to make a portfolio? Probably yes, if:

  • your scope of activity is creative work;
  • in the process of your work, every time you create something fundamentally new (drawings, design projects, articles, codes, photos);
  • your work is project-based;
  • it is a requirement of your employee or educational institution.

Where to create: the best user-friendly websites

Where to create the best user-friendly websites


The resource is created specifically to make your portfolio quickly and easily. A large number of templates can be configured and combined. You can enjoy the full set of tools for design, electronic sales, and marketing. The site is free with some restrictions; a paid version (from $ 6.9 per month) provides full functionality: personal domain, integration with Google Analytics, unlimited hosting, and numerous additions.


Behance is a world community for sharing creative projects. Here you can find the work of designers, illustrators, artists, game developers, and video makers. Behance offers free creating a portfolio website from your profile: you can share both your projects and teamwork, naming all the workflow participants. You can demonstrate not only the final finished product but also show the stages of work, adding drafts and sketches. The platform is suitable for both beginners, and experienced users. In addition, Behance has a special section dedicated to the search for employees;

Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio is a user-friendly platform for creating a site aimed at professionals in photography and design. A huge advantage of the portfolio is that its creation is incredibly simple and comfortable. Creating and managing a profile is carried out online, all changes are displayed in real-time and a variety of different template settings are available.


One of the best solutions for beginners thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly interface. The platform represents its catalog of visual bookmarks. Your page will include various thematic boards on which images and links to other sites are attached. The use of the site is completely free. In addition, an extension for a browser provides an opportunity to attach any image or link to the desired board in two clicks. For example, you can collect work published on various sites and social networks on the "My Articles" or "My Photos" board, and a link to the board can be quickly sent to your potential customer.


An international social network for artists. Here you can quickly make a portfolio, downloading the images and configuring one of the proposed design templates. A free account is available for up to 100 images. Using a paid version ($5 per month) you will receive a personal domain and an unlimited number of downloadable images.

At present, you inquire about the best websites for creating a modern and competitive portfolio. Use Portfoliobox with great relish and enjoy your achievements and progress!

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