How To Become a Hand Model


These people are very much in demand, but viewers have never seen their faces. Only their hands are in the frame. Such a profession is called a "hand model." In order to advertise any products with your hands, you must meet specific requirements for the hands that are very strict - just like in the modeling business: you still have to meet some parameters. For instance, models have to have straight fingers, no scars, pigment spots, burrs, and so on.

There are cases when having made commercials for a certain brand in the usual modeling business, the model is associated only with it, and she is not invited by other brands anymore - there is a conflict of interest. Hand models, as a rule, remain anonymous and cooperate with several brands at the same time. This is one of the pluses compared to conventional modeling. Another aspect of hand modeling is dubbing. Sometimes actresses with an ideal face and figure don't have handsome enough or just don't fit some parameters. In this case, they do a combination shoot, using one person's face and another person's hands.

What is a hand model?

What is a hand model

A hand model is a person who shows his hands to advertise some products. Hand models are used in advertising where advertisers want to see close-ups of a product. There are certain requirements for them, just like for ordinary models. Hand models tend to have flawless skin and hands. In female hand models, agents often look for long thin hands and fingers and long nail plates. They also appreciate smooth, hairless, flawless skin with minimal wrinkles and visible pores. 

The requirements for male hand models vary depending on whether the job requires a sturdy builder type arm or a detailed white collar look. For print media hand models, a necessary trait is the ability to pose relaxed and gracefully. Professional hand models avoid what photographers call the "claw"-the hard grip that beginners typically use in front of the camera. Hand models are widely used in television commercials, although the hand may not always be visible. 

Oddly enough, the thumb is the most important part of the hand. Many people have graceful, beautiful fingers - but far fewer people can say the same about their thumbs. That's why the thumb will be scrutinized when hiring. Very frequently, hand models can work together with another model, replacing the hands of another model if they do not fit the customer's criteria. Many parts and hand models work part-time as freelancers, but some models, like Adele Uddo, are employed full-time.

Requirements for Becoming a Hand Model

Requirements for Becoming a Hand Model

Not surprisingly, in order to become a hand model, your hands must be very attractive. There a lot of strict requirements for this seemingly easy job. It means that they should not have:

  • any imperfections, such as scars, moles, etc;
  • tattoos on your hands are a definite “no”; 
  • the skin should be clean and smooth, so no wrinkles or marks are desirable;
  • visible veins can also be a problem;

Narrow, slender fingers are preferable, and while your hands should be long and graceful, they should not be ugly long. Freckled skin will limit the amount of work you can get, although you can also get orders with freckles. There are a few small niches in hand modeling that have different requirements-very small hands can model children's toys, and short nails are often preferred for household items, while fancy things require longer nails.

You must also take care of your hands. You should treat them well to avoid cuts and bruises, keep them moisturized and free of blemishes, and keep your nails neat and groomed. A regular manicure can be one of the costs of your business in this niche!

Ironically, the thumb is the most important part of the hand. Many people have graceful, beautiful fingers - but far fewer people can say the same about their thumbs. That's why the thumb will be thoroughly examined when hiring.

Note that the requirements for male hand models may be somewhat different. It may depend on what kind of man the advertisement is designed for. 

Steps become a hand model?

 Steps become a hand model

In order to get into this profession, you need to have a clear plan to follow in order to succeed. Here are the basic steps for mastering the job of a hand model:

  • Create a hand model portfolio. If you can afford it, find a photographer who will take the quality photos you need. If you have found a starting out photographer, then perhaps he will charge you inexpensively or even shoot you for free. Because he needs these photos for his own portfolio as well. Before the shoot, be sure to get a manicure at a professional salon. Here are a few more things to consider when creating a portfolio:
    • Study popular hand positions for photography. Look through magazine and television commercials examples to see how hands are positioned and move. Follow these positions and movements for your portfolio.
    • At least one photo in your portfolio where your face is clearly visible. If the intention of the shoot is to have your face appear in the frame, not just your hands, your candidacy will get you into consideration (and that's how you'll be recognized when you meet anyway).
    • Include shots of open palms and the back of your hands in your portfolio.
  • Send your portfolio to modeling agencies with a solid reputation. Mention that you are interested in working as a hand model and would like to be interviewed. Some agencies have separate divisions for this; other specialize in models for shooting specific body parts. If you are asked if your hand model portfolio is professional, be honest and say that you made it by taking professional advertising photos as a sample. Be polite but persistent until the agency invites you in for an interview.
  • Sign the papers with the agent. If the agency representative thinks your hands are the way to go, great! You have managed to overcome the high entry barrier to a modeling career. However, when you get an offer from an agent, study it carefully and make sure the terms are right for you. First and foremost, the agent must be conscientious. This means that he won't ask you for money upfront and will only be paid if you receive it. Usually, agents get a percentage of the model's fee, so it's in their best interest to look for work for you. Be sure to discuss all the terms with the agent before you make your decision. On the day of the interview, look flawless. Although you are going to be a hand model, you need to look good, neat and professional overall. Over time, you will be sent to other interviews, and it is important that you represent the agency with dignity. If all goes well in the interview, you will be sent to a photographer for a test shoot. If you're comfortable with the agency and you're convinced of its reliability (e.g., by finding out what clients it works with and seeing samples of that work). You need to read the terms of the contract carefully and sign it when you're ready.
  • Bring your hand model portfolio and go to modeling castings to find work. After you sign a contract, the agent will look for work for you and refer you to castings, just like they do with regular models. You will go to castings, show your hands, and you will either be hired or not. Having an agent doesn't mean you have the job in your pocket - an agent can only refer you to a casting, which further depends on the potential client and you.
  • Once you have experience, you can add it to your resume. The more experience you have, the better your chance of getting new screenings and a new job.
  • Be persistent. You may have to go to several auditions a day before you get a positive response. But if your agent has confidence in you, you will surely find a job over time.

Bottom line

If modeling is your dream job, but for some reason, you cannot become a catwalk and photo model, you can try yourself in this niche. If you follow all the rules and criteria, you can achieve a good result faster and easier. Still, you should remember that modeling is as important and sometimes tricky as all other activities. All hand models carefully protect their hands. For example, in everyday life, Ashley Covington almost never takes off her gloves to avoid damaging her skin. To become a hand model, you should pay special attention to spa treatments, moisturizing, and manicures. Many business stars produce their own hand care products or host shows in which they share the secrets of beautiful hands.


How much hand model salary is? 

No salary data is available separately for parts or hand models. However, the national average base model salary is $73,581 per year in the USA. Salary may vary depending on experience or specific hand modeling jobs. It is also important to remember that you may have to pay your modeling agency for the work you commission.

At what age can you become a hand model?

You can become a hand model at any age, from 14 years. The most important thing is to follow the criteria. Ashley Covington is one of the most successful models of our time. She is already 45 years old, which is an excellent age for a model. But the woman continues to work successfully.

Do I have to train my hands on purpose?

Definitely yes. As we said earlier, the hands must be quite flexible. You have to do stretching exercises and joint mobility exercises for that.

Can hand models have veins?

Yes. Veins are absolutely physiological and intrinsic for every human being, and the hand model is no exception. The whole point is the degree to which the veins appear. That is, it will not be a barrier if it is not too expressive.

What does a hand model job description look like?

Here is an example of a job description for a hand model:
Model jewelry for a high-end client. A hand model can get paid for photos that are used in advertisements or magazines. Must be able to understand and follow directions and hold several poses for an extended period.

Is hand modeling a major job?

Don't quit your day job. Sure, if you're a top model, you'll do it for a living, but most hand modeling only brings in extra income. Some do it just for fun. Be prepared that a more or less substantial income will only appear as you become successful. 

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