How to build digital portfolios


What is a digital portfolio


A digital portfolio is an online collection of work representing your abilities and skills as a professional in your field. It is typically made up of your best work over time, such as what you did in your previous job or while earning a degree.


Why are digital portfolios needed?


A digital portfolio is a popular alternative to a traditional, paper-based portfolio because it:


  • the perfect option to renew regularly without any difficulties
  • let you express yourself in the best way by supporting different kinds of files
  • share your portfolio wherever and whenever you are
  • more affordable and cheaper as there is no need to buy portfolio cases and paper every single time
  • require no paper and leads to an ecology balance

What should a digital portfolio include?

Building digital portfolios takes time and effort. To build one, you need to:


  1. Determine and describe knowledge, skills, and abilities (what do you know? What can you do?)
  2. Gather evidence (how can you demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities?)
  3. Organize and assemble your online portfolio (how can you categorize the evidence you have gathered?)


  • Working experience

You should write a brief description of what you do, such as the services you provide or what you specialize in. You can include this information in your "About Me" section.

  • Ambitions and targets

It may also be beneficial to include a summary of your professional goals and aspirations to show employers that you are driven and ambitious and give them an idea of where you see yourself in the future.

  • Contact information

If you want employers or potential clients to be able to contact you, make sure to include your contact information somewhere that is easy to find.

  • Hard and soft skills

Another component you could include in your "About Me" section is a list of your most essential skills related to what you do. For example, if you work in graphic design, you could discuss your creativity, attention to detail, and computer skills.

  • Project templates

The most crucial component of digital portfolios is your work samples; this should make up the majority of the portfolio. It should include your overall best work to show proof of the skills you mentioned. Your work samples may contain photos, artwork, articles, advertising mock-ups, and other visuals.

Where to begin in creating online portfolios?

Where to begin in creating online portfolios?

Before students begin working on portfolios, be sure to determine your assessment goals, priorities, and outcomes. You need to develop clear definitions for the selection of content. You will want to start by creating a shell or template for the portfolio. This template will help ensure that students effectively organize the information in their portfolios and guarantee that reflection and assessment criteria are properly represented. You can organize a successful portfolio around your state’s proficiency goals or by your district’s curriculum content.

Just because students start with a template does not mean their portfolios should be formulaic and dull! Be sure to leave room for students to showcase creativity and personality. They can do this when they create the self-reflection and by their choices for portfolio content. You may also want to leave room for them to decorate or personalize their portfolios with photographs, illustrations, music, and original artwork.


  • Curate your best work. While it can be tempting to add all of your work into a portfolio, it’s important to remember its intent: To show how talented you are as quickly as possible. Start designing your portfolio by looking at all the work you’ve done, then choose your favorite pieces and the work you’ve gotten the most positive feedback for. Diversify your options and choose examples that show a full range of your abilities. This way, the reader can see your adaptability and creativity.


  • Grab more attention with a unique logo and name. Whether you have a logo or just go by your name, creating a template that you can use throughout your online portfolio provides a visual cue for the reader and reminds them whose work they are viewing. 


  • Make a lasting impression with animations. The chances are that when you’re applying for a job, there are many other applicants who are also providing high-quality online portfolios. However, with PortfolioBox, you can now ensure that your digital portfolio stands out by enlisting the help of our Animation feature.


  • Allow for easy navigation. When creating an online portfolio, it’s important to help the viewer navigate through your work. Whether it’s creating clear direction tabs on your website, brief captions to provide some context behind your designs or a short and sweet introduction to your work, you want to invite them into the thought process behind your work.


  • Have a physical copy on hand. While the digital world is growing at a rapid pace, if you’re in a meeting or have a face-to-face interview, having a physical copy of your portfolios shows that you are prepared. With Canva Print, once you’ve finished creating your design, you can get your design professionally printed and delivered to your door.

Use the PortfolioBox website for free

PortfolioBox is a simple online portfolio made for creative designers. It allows them to create a truly unique portfolio website by using any style for any page. And it also enables users to manage galleries, e-commerce, blogs, and many more services. Moreover, It also offers a free domain name service for your portfolio site.


  • Many languages are supported like English, Chinese, Japanese and French, etc.
  • It offers two types of accounts: a Free account and a Premium account that needs to be paid.
  • Its Free account allows users to host 10 projects, 30 images, and 10 pages for free.
  • All pro-templates will be unlocked free for 30 days if you are using a free account.
  • A free domain name is available for free.

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