Maternity Photo Ideas and Curious Tips for Beginners


Moreover, everyone wishes to see their existence before we come into this world. Therefore, this serious task is assigned to the photo professional’s duty.

The photographers provide creative photo sessions for the expecting women, which could be individual. It would be unique to use some wide-popular maternity photography ideas because it’s your pregnancy period.

The maternity shoot must be associated with a typical married couple portrait and tell the story of the two loving persons expected to be a real happy family. So, the beginners in this capturing direction should bear in mind some valuable recommendations and inspirational advice on organizing a memorable event, playing with colors and lights, and, most importantly, satisfying their clients with excellent results.

For the best maternity photo sessions, the photo makers execute complex prep work and discuss the minor details about the posed photography ideas. Moreover, maternity photography gives fantasy to develop and experiment with different inside and outside options, pets, elder kids, and outfits. That’s why exploring the new curious tips for the posed pregnancy photo sessions is essential even for experienced photographers who want to diversify their creative solutions.

Maternity photography session locations and patterns

The maternity photo sessions are well-prepared and responsible for both the photographers and future parents. The photographer should have enough knowledge and skills to catch the perfect resolution and create the entire story in the respective photobook. Also, the maternity shoot certificate or offer is a good present for the future mother granted for any family occasion. That’s why the master should put maximum effort and not spoil such a wonderful moment.

Here you can find some exciting selection of possibly fancy maternity pictures.

Outdoor maternity photography poses

Outdoor maternity photography poses

On-location photo sessions are always preferable because of their naturality and pure love feelings in the air.

    • Season-based photo session. Each season has many benefits for the perfect natural maternity pictures. Delicate snowflakes, golden leaves, blooming trees and bushes, and a variety of sunny flowers and tropical fruits become suitable decorations for romantic photo ideas. Also, the weather-comfortable conditions help to edit photos with minimum correction tools. The results would be purely sincere and casual.
    • Park or forest walking photography shoot. This simple idea is associated with peaceful, calm, and mysterious emotions. The important thing is to find the place where the sunlight goes through the branches of the trees. Such play of the lights is naturally a fairytale atmosphere. So, the photographer must know several similar areas to save time during the walking, sudden captures.

Park or forest walking photography shoot.

    • Romantic picnic. What could be more sweet and romantic than a romantic lunch against the backdrop of the sunset or the fascinating horizons? This miracle-expecting idea is excellent to perform in the summer months. The photography decorations should be neutral and not drag the primary attention. The poses and movements are easy-going and ordinary, such as fruit-eating, book reading, or sitting on the plaid with happy smiles and sights.

Romantic picnic

    • Field maternity photo variations. The country fields, empty in the middle spring or fall period or harvested with sunflowers, lavenders, camomiles, and other wildflowers, are the great backdrops for the family union portraits. The photos would have an immortal true-loved story, especially if you engage husband, elder kids, and family pets.

Field maternity photo variations

    • The awesome maternity shoot near water (lakes, rivers, seashores). Some experts recommend giving birth in the water basin as the most natural method of baby delivery. So, why don’t the water-related maternity photography compositions be the perfect idea for the family history memories? Such photo sessions should be planned as a part of the vacation or the weekend. The poorly populated places dye the versatile pictures for the new family book edition at sunrise or sunset.

The awesome maternity shoot near water (lakes, rivers, seashores)

    • Another curious water-like photo op is to float in the boat. Before you schedule the capturing day, you need to focus on a solitary place with beautiful landscape paintings and a small water basin. The wooden boat for two could be decorated with rural flowers and warm-colored accessories.
    • The urban casual photo look. If your clients are busy megapolis citizens expecting the most significant change of their lives, you should organize the photo sessions casually. The ordinary walking along the well-known route captured by the outside perspective or in a paparazzi-like manner is a terrific method to show the baby’s life before it comes. Cozy cafe conversations, friendly promenades in the squares with a pet, or playing with kids in the parks enjoying ice cream and lemonade are a few shoots for the family's precious history. 

The urban casual photo look

    • Country-like photo opportunities. To make the creative maternity photoshoots in the country style, you need to choose calm and restoring places. Suburban settlements with spacious yards, private gardens, villa communities, or ranchos will be perfect. The high-priority item of this photo session checklist is fruit trees and brightly colored fresh flowers. Also, you may pick up different accessory attributes and use the farm inhabitants like tiny animal babies to emphasize the endearing moment.

Country-like photo opportunities

  • The blooming gardens. This spring-suitable maternity photo session is the fascinating outdoor photography idea offered to pregnant women. The fabulous dresses, resembling the blooming color tones, match the photo pictures perfectly. The ideal time is the blossom period of the Japanese cherry trees. The final results will impress the photographer and the future parents.
  • The blooming gardens
  • Vintage pictures by the natural elements. The pregnancy is entirely natural, and the nature-related details are harmonic attributes for the ideal pose filters. The mysterious twilight of the sunset creates numerous shooting angles and charming shadow figures. The other helpful element is a breezing wind making the easy-going character of the photos. The maternity pictures showing the expecting women with windy hair have a very atmospheric look. If the weather is warm and cheerful, a rainy photo session with the child's joyful emotions would be a more curious idea that presents a range of positive captures for the parturient women.

Indoor maternity photo session

The outdoor photo session is a risky lottery. Still, it does not mean that the studio or home pregnancy photo portfolio can hardly impress and satisfy the expectations of future mommies and daddies. Here, you may get acquainted with the primary indoor decors for the magnificent maternity photoshoots:

  • The 26-week to 36-week pregnancy photo opportunities are exciting if the location focuses on the future baby room. This one-day home studio allows you to arrange the correct lights and modify the shooting angles. The assembled baby accessories, unwillingly thrown toys, and the relatives' tender attention create a pleasing atmosphere for future maternity photographic pictures.
  • The professional studio premises discover numerous photo ideas. One of the sophisticated photography techniques preferable by many expecting couples is shade pictures. The backdrops and supplementary decorations are up to the photographer’s fantasy. The post-capturing process is relatively easy and does not need complicated filters. However, the final result is an excellent solution for stylish maternity photos.
  • The traditional maternity photography session seems to be a continuation of family occasions like a wedding reception to organize the photo ops during the gender reveal party. Such sincere and touching moments when you discover the gender of your future child are worth much. The photography process could be supplemented with video recording to keep the remarkable time in the present memories. To highlight the pictorial imagination, you may order the exact colored accessories, blue or pink, which lovely concentrate the camera resolution. Before, the items could include balloons, tiny baby cloth items, firework smoke, confetti, secret cakes, etc. The photos would express a lot of fun and happiness.

Each photo session could not avoid the matter of the outfit and appearance of the particular model. Maternity photo-making is not an exclusion.

  • The future mommy could pick up fancy apparel like a bodysuit to express yourself as a pretty woman of whatever body constitution. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed for the overweighting or similar things; the professional photographer can present your best sides anyway. The dark shades will hide the unpleasant body changes and will only show it in a favorable light. Finally, the professional photo retouching tools will get rid of all flaws. 
  • Suppose your expecting period is consistent with the festive holiday time. You may use the thematic costumes and propose the joyful photo sessions as Christmas Eve characters, lovely green colors of St. Patrick’s Day, or the cozy chimney atmosphere of the casual home style. The leisurewear does not make stressful or uncomfortable feelings for the future mommy and creates positive emotions for the photo viewers.
  • A long dress with floral, geometrical photoshoot prints or mono-colored is a classical option for the gorgeous maternity outfit. This apparel highlights the femininity which prospers during the natural miracle period. Also, the correctly chosen dress could create a slimmer look if you have some complex due to the appearance transformation. The floor-length dress is not a must-have item in the wardrobe of the future mommy. The professional photographer could offer the cloth rental stores for this purpose.
  • Many women choose the extraordinary look in the nightgown of pastel colors made from laces and silks to capture the pregnancy period's intimacy and tenderness. The interior minimalism of the lightful spacious photography studio perfectly transmits the realized idea. The room design could be arranged with fresh whitish or neutral-colored flowers and retro details.
  • The never-dying maternity shoot photo style is entirely Vogue. Minimal wear, slight and steamy cloth, and hollow body details are the principal elements that make the final result more natural than any other photo technique. The Vogue style makes an accent on the beauty of the germ of life needed to realize by each woman. The white-and-black photos on the neutral background are simple and supernaturally exciting. The photographers admire this method because of its general lighting and win-win resolution opportunities, which appear organically and spontaneously.
  • The creative and artistic individuals willing the nature-based photo session would love to choose Boho or Bohemian wear style, which combines several directions - country, hippie, and vintage. Various multi-layered dresses, skirts, laces, and natural fabrics are the items that make your look more elegant and tender.

Your fantasy is not limited; share your ideas with your photographer to create a fantastic image. 


How much does a maternity photo shoot cost?

To keep a sweet and remarkable moment is a priceless thing for two loving hearts expecting the baby. The average price for the photo session depends on many factors, including photography shoot location, photo session time, and decoration needs. Also, the photographer's experience plays a vital role in the value estimates. So, the tentative price could be approximately 500 USD per hour.

What week should I do maternity photos?

Indoor maternity photo session

The best maternity pictures are those where the expecting woman could be proud of her third trimester period. In this case, a 24-week to 36-week period is optimal to capture a compelling family portrait. However, some outfit solutions, especially extraordinary ones, recommend taking thematic photos in the intimacy look for up to 30 weeks.

What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

When you choose a photo session outfit, consider two conditions  - the capturing place and the background. The classic image usually includes the long light dress of vivid colors. The dress should slightly highlight the round tummy tenderly hugged by the beloved future parents.

How can I look slimmer in maternity pictures?

It is not a shame to have some extra weight during the pregnancy; however, if you have slight discomfort or hesitate your temporary body changes, you could straightforwardly hide the undesirable lines or parts. The long dress with particular printing effects or vertical patterns would visually highlight the slim shape. Also, the skilled photographer knows the special capturing techniques and effectively manages the photo angles to receive the best shoot.

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