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Add a background image

A background image can be added to your whole website or to a specific page of your website.

Here are some tips before you upload a background image in your website:

  • Be sure that the main subject of your background image is centered and should be the first thing that your visitors will noticed.
  • When choosing an image for the background of your site, please include the screen size of different devices in your calculation. Ask yourself if the background image will look captivating even on small and medium devices.

The size of your image is a big factor that will greatly affect its quality. We recommend that you upload an image that are 1920 pixels or smaller on the longest side.

Upload a background image for your entire website

When your image is ready, you can now upload it to your website.

To upload a background image for your entire websitekindly go to Design > Colors & Fonts Background > Select Image > then you can upload the image in the option below.

Add a background image

Upload a background image for a specific page

To upload an image to a specific page of your website, you can go to the specific page that you wish to edit > click Display Settings on the second panel > upload your image under Background Image.

Upload a background image for a specific page

After uploading you background image, you will be given options for the image position of your image.

  • Fill – The background image will fill the screen and will be cut if needed to fit the screen.
  • Best Fit – The image will be displayed entirely but will not be forced to fill the screen.
  • Tile The image will be duplicated to fill the screen. This works better when using smaller images to create a pattern.  
  • Centered – The image will be centered on the screen and depending on the size of the image that have been uploaded, it may be cut and look more like fill or best fit.

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