How To Sell Nft Art


If you want to try selling your NFT art, you need to create a wallet for work with cryptocurrency, top up your wallet, list your art on a sales platform, and work on your content. 

In recent years, NFTs have made quite a significant breakthrough. NFT art allows authors to sell their works and for collectors to purchase them on a sales platform for a specified amount of money or participate in an auction.

If you have only recently become interested in creating and selling NFT art, you may not understand many of its terms. But we should say it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You need to know the basics of blockchain, what cryptocurrency is, and how you can start to sell your NFT art. 

In this article, our PortfolioBox team will give you interesting information as:

  • Where can I sell my NFTs?
    • OpenSea
    • Rare
    • SuperRare
  • How to sell NFT art?
    • Create your wallet for future selling NFT art
    • Top up your wallet
    • Bring your work to perfection before you begin selling your NFT art
    • List your art on a sales platform
    • Work on your content for selling your NFT art
  • Pros and cons of selling NFT art
    • Pros of using NFT art
    • Cons of using NFT art

Where can I sell my NFT artworks?

Where can I sell my NFT artworks

The next question we need to consider is, “Where can I start to sell my NFT art?”. Today, there are several popular and leading platforms for selling your NFT art, such as OpenSea, Rare, and SuperRare. All of these platforms provide the opportunity to exhibit your work, write a description for them, participate in auctions and sales, and also receive cashback if the buyer can resell your work for a large amount of money.

These platforms for selling works have their characteristics, and you will need to choose the one that suits you best.

Let's take a closer look at each of these platforms.


It is one of the largest and most popular platforms where you can try to sell your NFT art. By visiting the site of this platform, you can find everything you need from art and collectible cards to domain names and virtual world materials. 

  • This platform practices indexing art from other platforms to sell NFT artwork.
  • Everything you can find on this platform has an ETH price. You can buy some goods for the specified amount of money and buy some only during the auction.
  • While any member of the platform can apply to submit their artwork electronically, the application must be carefully processed and verified before being given approval status. 
  • Once approved, participants will be able to participate in the sales of their work using this platform.


To sell your NFT artwork, you can use the Rare platform. Using this platform, you will notice that each item is priced in ETH and can be purchased by clicking on the appropriate “Buy now” button or participating in the auction.

  • If you're looking to win the highest possible return on this platform as an artist, you can submit your application, and you'll be given a badge from the team as a token of confirmation. Usually, such a process does not last more than a week, but one of the requirements is to provide evidence that your work is not plagiarized.
  • The following condition is sharing links to your channels on social networks. That being said, a sufficient number of subscribers is also one of the requirements for members to earn the badge. You should be aware that members who do not have a verified badge may encounter several difficulties when trying to get the attention of buyers. 
  • As a rule, the best participants who want to sell their NFT artwork on the platform manage to earn a large amount of money and receive 10% royalties in case the buyer resells the painting for a large amount of money.


This is the third platform we would like to consider as a place to sell NFT artworks.

  • People who want to register on this platform to buy art can do so without difficulty, while those who want to sell their NFT artworks must meet more difficult conditions for joining the site.
  • As for the payment for the work, the authors registered on this platform receive 85% of the amount for which they sell the work to the buyer. Also, the seller can count on 10% of the royalty if their work can be resold again by the buyer.

We have looked at the leading platforms where you can try to sell your NFT art. Now we should discuss how to start selling NFTs and what it takes.

How to Sell NFT art?

How to Sell NFT art

To sell your NFT artwork, you need:

  • Create your wallet;
  • Top up your wallet;
  • Bring your work to perfection;
  • List your art on a sales platform;
  • Work on your content;
  • Don't forget to check availability.

Artists who register their participation in digital art sales platforms exhibit their works and sell them to collectors while receiving cryptocurrency payments to their electronic wallets.

Create your wallet for future selling NFT art

Because NFTs are assets based on blockchains; you should have a wallet that allows you to use these assets. So, let’s start considering creating your wallet for your NFT art to sell it in the future.

  • Don't forget that you must fund your wallet before you can start working with this platform for selling your NFT art. This is necessary to pay a commission during the execution of transactions.
  • We have to say that many platforms are built on a system like Ethereum (ETH). Therefore, when opening a wallet, consider this fact and start an Ethereum wallet that works with the ETH currency.
  • Experts advise opening a wallet with the Metamask extension in any browser convenient for you. This will help you to connect to the NFT trading platform, where you can try to sell your NFT art and use the services directly from the browser you are used to.
  • We must warn you that during registration in Metamask you will receive a phrase that serves to restore your account. It will consist of 12 words. We advise you to create a backup in advance and then copy your ETH address.

Top up your wallet

At this stage, you will need to fund your wallet by purchasing ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange and then sending it to your wallet.   

  • If you want to use a BC Bitcoin broker instead of an exchange, just write your address at the point of purchase. 
  • If you decide to use the exchange, do not forget to withdraw ETH after purchase.
  • Many platforms for selling their work of NFT art allow you to make purchases using bank cards. However, you need to make a purchase and send ETH to your Metamask.

Bring your work to perfection before you begin selling your NFT art 

Maybe you already have finished work or are just working on creating your NFT art to sell it. Use the following pieces of advice to make your artwork better.

  • Experts advise examining some art trading platforms in detail to see how other artists' work looks. 
  • Pay attention to their style of work design, it will surely inspire you, and you will be able to make a masterpiece out of your work and put it up for sale at a fairly high price.
  • You can use your music, videos, paintings, and more than tradable art.

List your art on a sales platform

To get started, select the platform on which you want to mark up the work that you put up for sale, taking into account its features, which we have told you about in the previous block of our article. Then you need to link your wallet to the platform of your choice to sell your NFT artwork.

Alternatively, you can choose the first platform we have talked about. Here is an instruction on connecting your wallet to the marketplace:

  1. Open OpenSea using your Metamask wallet;
  2. Agree with the Sign transaction;
  3. After that, the site will automatically switch to the platform with your account;
  4. On the platform, enter your name and briefly describe yourself by adding your email name;
  5. Confirm the registration through a letter in your e-mail;
  6. Open the OpenSea platform again by selecting the "Create" function and then "Submit NFT";
  7. Select a function to create a new collection and give it a name;
  8. Select the save function for the collection;
  9. Click the "Submit Changes" button and return to your collection page;
  10. Click the "Add New Item" section to create your NFT art to sell;
  11. Add an image to the page, write important information such as links and descriptions related to your work;
  12. Fill in fields such as properties, levels, and statistics;
  13. Click the "Create" button, then confirm the action through Metamask;
  14. Open the edit function in your Collections tab and enable the submit function;
  15. Click on the link to any collections and select the "Sell" function;
  16. Set your job price and select "Post ad";
  17. Follow each step of your wallet instructions until the transaction is completed.

Now your NFT work is available to everyone, and you can start to sell your NFT artwork.

Work on your content for selling your NFT art

Before you start to sell your NFT artwork, you need to approve your offer in their marketplace. It means you can fulfill all conditions, and platform hosts must issue you approval. 

  • Getting approval is influenced by social proof in the form of your social media accounts and the fact that you have shared your NFT work with the public at least once.
  • Therefore, one of your tasks is to work with the audience and introduce them to the world of your NFT art. Also, we recommend you make your portfolio with NFT arts.
  • You can also release free versions of NFTs, which will help you get your creativity noticed and start making your first sales on dedicated platforms.

Don't forget to check availability

Of course, many platforms will notify you when someone wants to sell your NFT artwork, but this is not the case for all sales platforms.  

  • You should remember to check the availability of bets on your platforms in order not to miss a possible chance.
  • Absolutely any platform user can submit a bid for your work; if they like it, your task is to keep track of possible deals in time.
  • If you have set a specific price, you may be notified that your work has been purchased. 

Pros and cons of selling NFT art

Pros and cons of selling NFT art

Maybe you've only recently learned about the existence of NFT art and want to understand whether it suits you or not. For it, we have prepared a list of the pros and cons of this way of selling your digital works.

Pros of creating and selling NFT art

  • You can immediately sell your work on international platforms;
  • To create NFT works, there are a considerable number of different platforms, from Photoshop to Blender;
  • This art has many trends, and each of them has clients;
  • NFT allows members to stay in touch with their fans, which is expressed in the form of access to future releases, the chance to receive decent pay for their work and much more.

Cons of creating and selling NFT art

When joining this movement, you may notice a lack of transparency, which can be intimidating. 

  • This modern art is still risky. Working with platforms for selling digital works requires you to spend a fair amount of time and make contributions. At first, it may be difficult for you to stay in the black. The volatility of the digital art sales market can also create tension. Stay vigilant and do not be discouraged if, at first, you do not have great success and high fees.

Thus, we have covered the leading platforms where you can try to sell your NFT art and also given you a list of tips on how to start to sell your NFT art. Selling digital works for cryptocurrency is a real risk; however, you can get an interesting experience and get to know the work of other participants who can inspire you to create something great.

How can PortfolioBox help you?

If you are an artist, you probably have a lot of work that you need to organize and create a portfolio of them. This will always come in handy for you when looking for work in agencies, with private clients, as well as for partners and investors.

PortfolioBox allows you to create a website that you can use to create your portfolio. The advantage of using our website builder is that you don't need programming, website development, or web design knowledge. We provide you with a huge number of ready-made templates and themes that you can use to create your website. Go to our website, choose a theme and start building your portfolio.


Can you make money selling NFT art?

Today, more and more artists are joining the art of NTF. While there are risks in selling digital works, many artists use this option as a hobby, sometimes earning good money.

Is it hard to sell NFT art?

Selling NFTs is not easy. This has its risks, and the artist may not immediately get a plus due to fraud and payment of taxes. However, with proper work on their works of art, expanding the audio field, and promoting their work on social networks, the artist can find their buyers and start making a profit from their digital work.

What role do royalties play in NFTs?

Royalties are payments paid to the original authors of NFT art that have been resold. Usually, for the sale of their work, sellers receive about 85% of the amount for which it was sold. If the work was resold, the original sellers are entitled to receive 10% of the amount for which it was resold.

How much money can I make by selling my NFT art?

The average price for which artists sell their NTF work ranges from $100 to $1,400. The money you can get for your NTF work depends on its quality, popularity, and rarity, as well as fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency itself.

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