Johan Jansson


On this week’s issue of Portfolio of the Week, we are joined by Johan Jansson, who is based out of Montreal, Canada.

Johan is a Swedish born, Montreal based photographer who captures the true essence of human life. Through his extensive portfolio of up-close and ultra-high definition shots, he really seizes the moment and brings his images to life. Despite starting out his professional life as an international aerobic trainer and web designer, Johan always had a burning passion for photography since a young age. He took this passion and has created something truly special, and has been lucky enough to form his life around photography.

Let’s get to know Johan some more, how he came to operate a successful business and find out why he has chosen Portfoliobox to display his work.

Q: Hello Johan, we are really happy to have you as our Portfolio of the Week. Can you tell me a little bit of yourself?

A: I was born in Sweden but left for Munich, Germany, when I was 23 to pursue a career as an international aerobic trainer. Although I started experimenting with a camera when I was around 12, the real passion for photography started in the late 90s. Parallel to my fitness career, I studied communication design and photography at the university of applied science in Augsburg, Germany. After some years working as a graphic and web designer parallel to teaching and the slowly growing photography business, love brought me to Canada (unfortunately it didn't last). For some years now, I’ve made my living solely from photography. I can't be happier!

Q: What was the first camera that you received or bought?

A: My brother had an old Minolta. It was lying around unused so I "stole" it! Haha.

Q: The competition in the photography industry is very fierce - how did you break into this industry?

A: It is indeed but tenacity is the key. Never give up. Keep shooting. Refine your work and keep letting people know about your work. Be humble and authentic. Kindness will always take you the furthest.

Q: I saw that in your online portfolio, you are doing different kinds of photography, like fashion, advertising, beauty and so on. If you could only choose one favourite type of photography, what would it be and why?

A: Editorial (fashion) photography because of the storytelling. This is what photography is all about to me. Capture beauty but also tell a story.  

Q: What is your favourite camera & lens combination?

A: Nikon D850 24-70. 

Q: What is your next project?

A: I'll be shooting some store posters for a big retail company here in Montreal with some amazing models! Very excited about that!

Q: I really like your online portfolio. The images are stunning and the portfolio design makes them stand out. Why did you choose Portfoliobox and what do you like about it?

A: Thank you! I needed an online platform that had nice looking design templates and with an intuitive content management system. Also, you let your clients test your site for as long as you want. I kept building and testing until I knew this was the right place to host my work.

From the team at Portfoliobox to Johan, we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for allowing us to interview him. He has given us a very informative analysis on his works and how he came to base his life around photography after starting his professional life in a completely different industry.

We really hope you enjoyed our interview with Johan today and invite you to check out his online portfolio to find out more!

Don’t forget to tune in to next week’s episode of Portfolio of the Week!

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