What Is Vector Art?


When opening specific files or photos on your smartphone, you first pay attention to quality. In most cases, when you enlarge this file, it will begin to compress, and the quality will worsen. In general, with any change to the photo or file, you have problems. Why? Because this is a raster image that contains pixels. 

But If files do not spoil in quality and remain the same with any changes, this is vector artwork. It is a thing that provides you with materials, files, photos, logos, and so on of good quality. Everything will be the same even when they are displayed on other gadgets. Why? Read about it in detail in the next section.

What Is Vector Art?

Vector art is digital art that consists of dots, lines, and geometric shapes based on mathematical formulas. To create a complete image, vector designers draw the points and then connect them with curves. In simple words, it is a vector graphic representing objects and images in computer graphics. You can create quite complex drawings using graphic primitives of different shapes and colors, varying their relative location.

The scales of vector images are infinite. Also, there is an explanation for this. The fact is that the vector format does not use pixels that can not scale the image. So, such images can be safely displayed in electronic form without quality degradation.

Therefore, vector art is an excellent option for placing logos on brochures or advertisements in 3D style. It makes it easier for us to perceive information better visually and gives a good quality that attracts. By the way, vector artwork is an ideal option for creating a logo or your icon. Professional vector illustrators do this and do everything according to your order. Also, the creation of computer graphics and 3D advertising on blockbusters is all the work of vector designers. And this is far from all they can create.

Vector artwork guarantees quality work, and you can choose any format. Your image file and so on will not worsen in quality due to scaling changes, which is the biggest plus of such work. You can open files on any device in any format, and it will still be the same. That is why such art is gaining tremendous popularity and becoming in demand.

What Is Vector Art Format?

The vector format is used where there are high requirements for the quality of graphic files. That is, this format is intended for creating various illustrations and logos. For example, you need to place a logo on clothes and a business card. The size needs to be changed. But thanks to vector graphics, it will remain high-quality in any format. So, there are the following vector formats:

  • SVG
It is used in engineering graphics and during website development, also for creating web images for ads.
  • EPS
It is a standard format that has existed for a long time. It does not have such extensive functions for creating vector graphics as others. Therefore, it is mainly used in printing.
  • AI

It is created in the Adobe Illustrator program. It is most often used in digital graphic design. Also, vector illustrators create logos using this format.

  • PDF

This format makes it possible to exchange files between platforms. For example, brochures or postcards and so on.

These are the most popular formats, but that's not all because there are many others besides them. Each format has its functions and is used for specific purposes. Therefore, the vector format is selected depending on what you need to create.

How Can You Benefit From Vector Artwork?

How Can You Benefit From Vector Artwork

Any art should be of good quality and liked. However, creating something of good quality is not always easy. But if we talk about vector art, everything is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Of course, there are many functions and tricks that not all vector designers and illustrators know about. But thanks to the acquisition of these skills, you can get benefits for yourself. For example:

  • Scalability

Vector art can scale to infinite sizes. It does not matter if you enlarge or reduce it because everything will remain the same quality. All this is thanks to the mathematical figures from which the image is created. You can place vector images on both small things and large-scale ones. Vector graphics will not spoil it and provide you with good quality.

  • Small file size

Vector files are compared with raster files, but we already know that vector files are better. Why? Because raster files contain millions of pixels that affect the file size. And vector images, on the contrary, do not have pixels, so the file size is smaller. Your image can contain complex elements, millions of colors, and thousands of symbols, but the file size will remain small.

  • Easy to edit

Not everyone can answer the question “what is vector art?”. For many, this concept is difficult to explain, but what to say about the process of creating vector designing? However, this is an effortless job that does not require complex manipulations. If you did something wrong or you don't like something, you can change it. You don't need to do everything from scratch because you can easily change colors, sizes, and so on in the settings. It saves a lot of time, making the work more manageable.

  • High-quality

Vector drawings are always clear, expressed, and pleasing to the eye. Their quality does not spoil and always remains unchanged. You get an incredible quality thanks to the curved lines from which the vector drawing is created.

  • It is a unique art

Vector illustrators and designers are entirely free in their work. And this is a significant advantage because they can create anything. You can show your creativity and make art as you like in this area. The variety of formats and settings provides an opportunity to show your originality and not have any limitations. You can make drawings, advertisements, and 3D graphics in unusual ways that attract people's attention.

  • It becomes in demand

Recently, this type of art has gained great popularity. Vector graphics are widely used in many industries. For example, you will need your own logo when creating your brand. And in this vector, designers can help you. 

Ordinary designers who design houses also use vector 3D drawings. They depict the house and furniture arrangement in the 3D format without losing quality.

As you can see, this field is growing and is increasingly acquiring new specialists.

These are the benefits you can get from vector artwork. All files created in vector format are very efficient and easy to use. That is why they are so popular and in demand.

Here's How You Can Start Creating Your Own Vector Art 

How You Can Start Creating Your Own Vector Art

To start creating it, you must first learn the basic rules and have at least a rough idea of ​​what vector art is. For this, you can use online or offline courses. You will be provided with all the necessary information and dive deeper into this study. If paid courses do not suit you, you can use the Internet. It is a platform where you can find all the information you need. 

To lay the foundation for your knowledge of vector graphics, it will be enough for you at first to learn about it from the Internet. You can search for reliable sources that provide helpful information. For example, many YouTube channels talk about it and can teach you something. So, if you are planning to create vector art yourself, here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Select software

Each security program is different and has individual functions. Therefore, we recommend that you first choose the software that you will like and that will have everything you need. It can be paid or free. But usually, free software does not have all the functions for full use.

The most typical program is Adobe Illustrator. You will learn the basics there, such as geometric shapes, brushes, curves, etc. Therefore, you can use this program if you do not know what to pick.

  • Start small

Do not immediately try to create masterpieces without knowing the basics of vector designing. To begin with, learn how to use a brush correctly, accurately select colors and combine them, which fonts are better to use, and everything in this direction. If you learn all this at the beginning, it will be easier for you to work further, and you will quickly learn to create professional work.

But remember that for a good result, your work must be clear, high-quality, attractive, and simple at the same time. Do not make complex shapes from the very beginning. It is better to start simple, leading you to success.

  • Create a vector illustration

Once you've learned a little about vector artwork, get down to your first work. Figure out what you want to do and start doing it step by step. It can be a computer graphic, a simple drawing, or a logo. It should be your trial version that will show what you are capable of.

Maybe you will not get everything perfect and will not like it, but that makes your work better. It is how, looking at your mistakes, you will eventually be able to engage in vector designing and become a specialist.

Three simple steps will lead you to success. Vector graphics is not an easy job. It also requires skills and knowledge. So, first, you need to learn them and then start practicing.  The main thing is not to rush and not to be afraid to make mistakes the first time. You can also experiment with different formats and try to transfer them to other devices. It will help you to understand the formats more, and you will be able to see how high quality your work is.

What Can I Do With Vector Art?

Vector illustrators and designers use vector art for a variety of purposes. Their services are mainly in demand in the marketing field. For example, creating advertisements, brochures, logos, and so on. But vector art can also be used for other goals. 


Many artists demonstrate their art on various devices. They do it with the help of vector graphics, which makes the picture of perfect quality. Therefore, if you plan to exhibit your work at an exhibition, vector graphics will help you create a masterpiece.

Logos Logos that spread on the Internet in advertisements are all works of vector art.
You can also create your own logo using vector designing with the help of different geometric shapes for vector graphics.

Is it nice to visit a site with a perfect design and clear images? So, this is the work of vector designing. You can also create a stylish website, but remember that each page must be vector. And it is also essential to use vector files so they can be viewed on any device of the same quality.


We often see embroidered badges, logos, inscriptions, and so on in our clothes that are also essential. Vector designers and illustrators perform such work. Their task is to create an embroidery layout for clothes or a specific logo. Next, they design it and start embroidering the logo on the clothes. It does not matter what size the patch will be because their version of the logo will not deteriorate in quality even on display. It can be both a small embroidery and a large one. Therefore, to create a logo on clothes, you must create a clear embroidery layout and follow all the lines so they can accurately reflect the clothes.

Movie Posters

All movie posters you see around the cinema and on the Internet are created using vector art. These posters are made from the smallest sizes for advertising on social media to large posters that are hung at the entrance to the cinema. They can also see them on billboards.

Vector artwork is a broad digital field in which you can show your creativity and talent. It can be pictures of cartoons, printed ads, billboards, etc. And these are far from all options where vector graphics are used. Often, companies, marketers, and designers need the services of vector illustrators and designers. And the demand for them is getting bigger every time. Therefore, in conclusion, you can understand that this area will always be relevant.


How do you know if art is a vector?

The easiest way to identify this is to zoom the file. It will be of good quality even at the largest scaling if it is a vector. But If the file becomes grainy and spoils the quality when enlarged, it is not vector art.

How do I convert a JPEG to a vector image?

You can do this with the program Inkscape. It has a built-in converter that edits and converts files in any format. Therefore, it is one of the best options for converting JPEG to a vector image.

Is a PNG a vector?

A PNG is a raster format. That is, when zooming on any file, it will begin to spoil the quality due to built-in pixels. But a vector format can not have pixels. So, PNG is not a vector.

Can Photoshop vectorize an image?

Yes, it is a very clever trick that many designers and vector illustrators have. If you have an image of poor quality but need to enlarge it or something else, use photoshop. This program will help you vectorize logos, pictures, and so on without problems and with good quality.

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