Evge Noriavić


Evge Noriavić

Tell us a bit about yourself

I started my photographic journey as a model in 2015, and worked a lot for creative photoshoots, corsetry lookbooks, and more. I also got hired at the Beaux-Arts, the french fine art superior school. After a few years, I decided to try self-portraits, as I felt being only a model didn't allow me to express myself enough. And I never looked back. As a self-portraitist, I can have a full control on my projects, my creativity, and my art. I now feel free and fulfilled, and I am proud of my art and my dedication to it. I still work with other people, in front or behind the camera, as I still like sharing some projects with amazing artists. Beside photography, I am also a bio-engineer, an equestrian, and a classical musician.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects and what inspired you to do it

My most famous project is certainly the Polaris Project. I started working on it when I was living in Iceland. I was feeling attracted to all those icy, wonderful landscapes. And I decided to pose in this glacial environment. I now explore the Arctic to create nude self-portraits, where my body meets the ice, its strength, its shape and its beauty. It really is dangerous and exhausting, it requires a lot of training, but I really love the result, and the unique feeling it gives me. It is clearly a performance that surpass Photography.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on my project named Autopsyche, the meeting of my job as a bio-engineer with self-portrait. I use a technique I developed by myself to mix self-portraits and pictures of organisms under microscope. The result is a graphic and interpretative artwork, that feels like a photographic dissection. I really like to explore new horizons in Photography and to use my own experience to enrich Art.

Who are your biggest influencers in the industry?

I don't really have big influencers in photography. My main inspiration comes from painting, especially chiaroscuro.I really think people should take distance with internet when it comes to inspiration, and spend more time in museums.

What was the last thing that inspired you?

I currently get inspired by nature, especially the arctic nature, but the surreal art is also a great inspiration, particularly the dark, mystic horror art.

Tell us why it's important for you to have a website

I think showing your work outside social media, with an aesthetic that is yours, is the best way to highlight your art.

As a photographer what are your tips for building a good website?

The first essential thing is finding your aesthetic, and keeping it on your whole website. You can have a very versatile work, but there still is the one thing that makes you unique and that is the common point of all your art. Use it to create a website that stands for you and that make people think you know what you're doing. Make your website practical and easy to use and navigate. Don't make it hard for potential clients to contact you and find what they're searching for. And finally, only show your best work. Do not flood people with too many works that are not pertinent. And only show projects that are accomplished enough.

How do you market/promote yourself?

I honestly don't work hard enough on this, so I can't really give advice. I just hope my work is good enough to be shared by people who like it.

Why do you use Portfoliobox?

When searching for a portfolio builder, I found that Portfoliobox has the best value/price ratio. There is everything I need for a professional, clean, and proficient website. The aesthetic possibilities, the additional tools, are easy to use and hit the right spot.

Visit Evge Noriavić modeling portfolio and photography website for more inspiration and amazing photos and don't forget to follow @nymphreya!

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