6 Steps to Create a Perfect About Me Page for Your Portfolio Website


No matter if you are creating an online portfolio or a blog, having the perfect about me page is key to helping you build a strong base for yourself and your brand. In this post, we will take a look at a few simple steps you can take to build a successful, fun, and informative ‘about me’ page. 

One thing to remember before we get started is that your ‘about me’ page should be more personalized than your home/cover page. It should allow your website audience to resonate with you by telling them your story on a more personal level rather than professional.

1. Who Are You?

Your headline should capture the audiences’ attention. It should be clear, concise, simple, and of a positive nature. It can also act as a selling point.

E.g. ‘Let Me Inspire You’, or, ‘How My Expertise Can Help You’.

2. Tell Your Story

Now it’s time to tell your story. This could be about the path you’ve taken to get to where you are today, what inspires you to produce the work you do, or any information that can allow the audience to instantly connect with you. 

The story to tell on your about me page should be more personal than professional. However, do remember to tie in how your work relates to your personal life, as people will then want to explore further on your site.

3. A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

This cliche has earnt its popular reputation for a reason. Regardless of if you are setting up an online portfolio or blog, people usually want to see a face behind the work. 

A photo or fun sketch of yourself, along with your personal and inspirational story, is a great way to help your audience feel closer to your work. 

4. Where To Next?

So your audience has been inspired by your story, and seen a face behind the site. Now it’s time to create a call to action and send them on to the next page of your online portfolio or blog. 

It doesn’t have to be in their face (i.e. ‘CLICK HERE FOR LATEST BLOG POST’), rather a subtle link at the end of your text to your blog, eCommerce store, or portfolio is recommended. Ultimately, the call to action must provide value for your audience.

5. Formatting

If you are building an online portfolio or blog, chances are you are from a creative background. So with that in mind, you probably already know that colors and fonts make a real difference to the overall appeal of a webpage. 

In fact, it can influence the audience so much, that the color you choose could lead to a purchase from the store, or interest them to keep reading. However, try not to venture too left-of-field to the point where the about me page is a completely different color to the rest of the site, or is not aligned with the rest of your brand. 

Finally, having your about me page positioned in an easily accessible section of your website is highly recommended, or even as your landing page. 

6. Final Step 

The final step is to consider the effect of words. You can do this by using a subtly persuasive conversational tone. 

Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask yourself what words would help emotionally drive you to read or purchase from your site. 

Now You Have Connected With Your Audience!

Once you have achieved the above steps, you will have created an about me page that stands out from the rest and is highly unique.

Ultimately, you want to build that trust and connection right away, so by using a relaxed tone, clear and concise wording, and allowing them somewhat into your personal life, you should notice an increased interest in your online portfolio or blog. 

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