12 User Interface (UI) Design Trends of 2022


The visual image on the site or in the mobile application plays an important role for the average user. Like fashion trends, every year experts involved in the development of websites and applications focus on the most relevant innovations, and opportunities to use for your own brand. UI/UX design trends for 2022 will allow you to predict trends for the interface in advance and improve the user experience. Let’s look at these UI design trends in more details.

More Gradients

Today's gradients tend to be softer, intended to add volume and depth to a design or create an exciting background. In 2022, they will follow minimalistic design principles without mutually exclusive colors and with a specific light source.

With the right gradient, you can:

  • highlight content;
  • reinforce the style of the company;
  • emphasize important elements.

The scheme should be designed harmoniously. UI elements and the surface of the product should differ from each other but at the same time be combined.

Match gradients with textures, illustrations, and photos; add them to the background in 2022. We recommend adding grain to make the neon gradient design even more interesting. Then it will succeed to combine two UI trends in the design of 2022: neon and retro.

Mega Footers

Mega Footers

More Gradients

White space is key in chasing minimalist 2022 web design trends. If the footer is located at the very bottom of the site, then this does not mean that few people reach there, and you should not come up with some unique design. So, pay attention to mega footers to make your website design trendy!

Why use spaces? The space draws the reader's attention to each content block, improving focus and legibility in a columned footer. Keep in mind that a space doesn't have to be white. It just means a space with no information or content.

Columns aren't the only things that need to be separated by spaces. The top of the footer and its content should have plenty of padding. The distance between the footer content and the bottom of the page should also have sufficient padding in 2022.

3D Interface

3D Interface

3D in design is nothing new, but it will only gain momentum in 2022. We can safely say that three-dimensional elements will help:

  • improve usability;
  • make the design more original;
  • become part of the graphic design of a page or website;
  • improve the aesthetics of their websites.

This is a useful addition that cannot be excluded when working with user interface design.

A great example of a 3D interface is the version of the new Mac from the world-famous manufacturer of quality Apple devices. It looks beautiful and stylish and relates to the trend of 2022. Instead of the old gray shades, 3D icons have appeared, and transparent areas are next to them.

We are sure that 3D will become one of the most popular web design trends in 2022. Companies have recently gained access to 3D advertising on LED screens. Many of them can be found in China, South Korea, the USA, and Japan.



Glassmorphism is the design trend of 2022! The combination of transparency and blur visually makes design elements look like glass. Diffusion, reflection and shadow will create an optical illusion, making the design look three-dimensional. You can use glassmorphism in the design of website pages and on social networks.

Its main characteristics include:

  • transparency (frosted glass effect using background blur);
  • layered approach with objects floating in space;
  • vibrant colors that accentuate blurry transparency;
  • thin light borders on translucent objects.

This verticality and the fact that you see through it means that users can perceive the hierarchy and depth of the interface. They just see which layer is above which. Glasmorphism is a web design trend in 2022 - that's a fact. It is presented by:

  • background blur;
  • translucent objects, such as cards, watercolors;
  • glass spheres, etc.

The glass effect isn't going anywhere, and we'll see it everywhere, from the built-in elements of Mac OS Big Sur and Windows 11 to a wide variety of applications.

Experimental Typography

Experimental Typography

The site's main image should make a statement. Web designers of 2022 are taking this idea to heart with typography. Ease, non-standard approaches, dynamics, different volumes and shapes, emphasized sharp or accentuated rounded corners, and others are in the website 2022 design trends. Let's consider them in more detail.

Moving fonts

Moving text can be fresh and unexpected, even if the animation is as simple as scrolling down and a side-scrolling line. These little steps allow typography to take center stage without overwhelming the reader with clever animation tricks.

Big letters

Massive letters with wide strokes act as a "heavy" visual element, immediately attracting the visual attention of potential customers.

Minimalism and modernity

Such fonts are characterized by lightness, dynamics, originality, conciseness, and the use of geometric elements. These are, for example, Codec Pro, Impossible, Nevrada, Cremona, Sofia Font, Black rovers Font, Agnostic Font, QSansPro, Mofita, Munich Sans. They are perfect for headers, emblems, quotes, menus, business cards, presentations, posters, websites, and email signatures.

Retro style

In 2022, this website design trend will be especially relevant according to forecasts. It is always relevant and creates a touch of nostalgia and romance. At the same time, it can emphasize the non-mainstream nature of the company, time-tested quality, or appeal to a certain era, its values ​​, and its mood.

Unusual handwritten fonts

Their use is limited to logos and corporate identity materials, but it is a very powerful and relevant tool to convey the mood of the brand and an authentic image. By creating a typeface (or just an inscription) for a specific project, you are guaranteed to stand out from the mass of "standard" ones instead of choosing from existing fonts. Moreover, a relaxed "handwritten" manner and deliberate carelessness adds lightness, swiftness, and comfort and appeals to the current moment "here and now".

No Images

No Images

Design without design is a new UI trend. The absence of images is a universal solution for those who use website builders or want to create a spectacular site on their own without the skills to create complex graphics. However, this does not mean that you can do without the rules of composition and sense of style.

It is essential to follow a few rules:

  • take well-chosen fonts;
  • add air between elements;
  • prefer a game of contrasts (for example, you can use GIF images in the same style as design elements when the rest of the space is a uniform background and text content);
  • turn to purity and simplicity of design.

Use large headings, one font, contrasting colors, and minimalistic graphics. This way, you can focus on the content. But in such a project, you cannot save on copywriting - the text will come to the fore.

Black-and-White Schemes

Black-and-White Schemes

The web trend is minimal color schemes, which is noticeable in the designs of modern landing pages. With a clean design in mind, take a look at a black and white scheme as an example of a monochrome style.

In 2022, the black and white style is a new web design trend. This is a great idea for a number of reasons:

  • The black background effect will make the site look elegant and will be associated with something upscale. 
  • It creates depth and emphasizes the contrast with the colors of the images.
  • As an indispensable element of dark design, negative space will give more freedom for design creativity.

Applying a black and white style to a website may seem like a very unusual action. 



Designers will create visual chaos for the perfectionist in 2022: misaligned blocks, asymmetry, many different fonts (or one font for the entire site), and overlapping elements. All this in graphic and web design is called "brutalism".

Brutalism is different with:

  • simplicity;
  • lack of harmony in colors and fonts;
  • pure chaos;
  • originality.

If you do not like the perfect design, then it's time to allow yourself complete freedom. Rough font, acid colors, and unevenly cut objects are usually used in this style. The project in brutalism looks creative and cool to such an extent that it draws in most of the clients with its eccentricity. Such a result is really difficult to achieve.

Try to make a symbiosis with several latest web UI trends of 2022. For example, neon gradients, graininess, 1990s, collages can be combined into one design. Websites, posters, prints for clothes, and product packaging will look interesting with brutalism.

Real Photo

Real Photo

As the biggest brands show, illustrations are a great marketing solution, but real photos taken professionally can overshadow any graphic work. It looks aesthetically pleasing and realistic.

There is a demand for ordinary people throughout the marketing industry with whom the customer can identify. Of course, this cultural web trend has also come to web design. More and more companies are using photos of people with different skin colors, body types, ages and gender identities on their websites. 

We advise you to pay attention to this trend if you are going to create a business website: photographs of real people will help you establish a closer emotional connection with the client.

Vibe of the 90s

Vibe of the 90s

There is no denying that the classic look of websites from the early 90s has become one of the most popular web design trends. It's like the 90s are back in the 2020s! The nostalgic style of design has never completely disappeared, even in today's world.

The retro-futuristic neon synth-wave style is recognizable by its dark hues, glowing colors and grids. The aesthetics of the city at night evokes nostalgia for past decades. Feel it in 2022 designs. 

The main ideas of the web trend:

  • functional simplicity improves perception;
  • energetic, bright retro wave - the style is intriguing;
  • atmospheric "immersive" design is remembered for its individuality.

We are fortunate that this particular UI design trend has found its way into web design because it gives the site a modern look and a retro feel. 

VR and AR Reality

VR and AR Reality

It is a definite trend for 2022. You need to go beyond the screen interface to stand out from the competition and grab attention. AR and VR technologies allow the user to see and reproduce digital objects in the real world. This will really improve UI/UX design.

AR design examples

In retail, companies are adopting AR to promote their products and help customers make decisions. Companies are using AR in the UX design of their apps, similarly to 3D design. One of the most famous use cases is IKEA's AR-based IKEA Place app. It allows users to place 3D models of IKEA products anywhere in their home to find out what they will look like, whether they will fit into customers' interiors, and if their dimensions will fit the chosen area of ​​​​the space they plan to place the furniture.

VR design examples

The video game industry is one of the leading contributors to VR development. In recent years, virtual reality-based gaming has come a long way with titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Boneworks, and Half-Life: Alyx. In addition to creating a compelling story or advanced physics for a game, an important task for game designers is to create a natural and transparent UX design. Virtual reality will also open up new possibilities for the latest web UI trends in 2022.

Mobile-First Concept

Mobile-First Concept

How many new leads have you lost because your website is not mobile optimized? According to research, users prefer mobile apps over mobile versions of websites. Flurry and Yahoo mention that mobile users spend nearly 90% of their time in apps and only 10% in browsers on mobile sites.

In most business areas, the best result comes from the use of applications. Online stores, social networks, and marketplaces prefer to refocus consumers on the use of applications to provide them with a better user experience and increase conversion.

The unconquerable UI design trends of mobile versions include the use of thumb scrolling. Such scrolling will allow you to place content on the page consistently, thus eliminating the addition of many categories and directories.

Bottom Line

People get bored easily with UI design trends, and the pendulum swings the other way every few years. We used to use super-minimalistic, almost flat interfaces for a while. But then they became more colorful, vertical, and eye-catching.

Designers should explore all potential creative ways to create a product. In some cases, limiting the use of the latest web UI trends can actually improve the look and feel of a product and make it more appealing to users.

We are working on our online service so that you can use it to construct your portfolio website. Visit our site to see the best examples of online portfolios and our blog, where you can read interesting articles that provide useful and effective tips for creating your portfolio website.


Is UI design growing?

Definitely yes. Nowadays, comfortable visual enjoyment has become necessary to reduce the distance between consumers and products. Which, in turn, depends on the design of the user interface.

What's the difference between UX and UI?

UI design means the appearance of the interface. Its task is to make the site pleasant and understandable. UX designers are more concerned with ease of navigation than other practical considerations. And UX focuses on improving usability.

What are UI trends in 2022?

We have collected the latest web design trends for 2022: 1) More gradients; 2) 3D interface; 3) Glassmorphism; 4) Experimental typography; 5) Black and white schemes; 6) Brutalism; 7) Real photo; 8) Vibe of the 90s; 9) Vr and ar reality; 10) Mobile-first concept;11) No images; 12) Mega footers.

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