After signing up, the first thing you want to do is to create your first page.  Setting up your first page is not difficult at all, depending on your content, it could take as less as a few minutes.

To create your first page:

  1. Click on New Page.
  2. Choose between Gallery, Products and Text Page. You need at least two existing pages before you can unlock all other page types.
  3. Choose a template by clicking on Templates button. You may see all available templates here: You will love Portfoliobox
  4. Input Title for your first page. Remember that the title you will enter will show in your Menu links.
  5. You can input something about your website and upload images inside your first page.
Create your first page

A newly created account has the feature, dummy content enable. If your new page is a product page or a text page, for example, you will see the dummy content on it. To disable the dummy content feature, you can go to Cogwheel Icon > Settings > General > Dummy Content and then uncheck the box Enable Creation of Dummy Content.


If you have typed inside the text editor, however when you checked my website the texts are missing, you need to click outside the text editor box to save your works. You should see the blue highlight surrounds the text editor box, it means it means your work has been saved successfully.