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Portfoliobox 3 |  Learn Pages & Content - Portfoliobox 3 Text pages and Text editor

Edit a block

Editing the content in a block is very simple, first go to the page that has the block you want to edit, then:

  1. Click on Edit this Page.
  2. Click on the text editor and locate that specific block.
  3. Depending on the block type, the editing steps vary. If it is a text block, double clicking on the block would allow you to edit the text directly. 

Edit a block

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With all the tools a professional needs

  • Dynamic Grid
  • Even Rows
  • Golden Ratio
  • Square Ratio
  • Align Center
  • Puzzle
  • Random
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2
  • Horizontal 3
  • Vertical
  • Two-One
  • Three-One