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Portfoliobox 3 |  Learn Design Colours & fonts

Style colours & fonts of the text

This guide provides an overview of how to adjust colors & fonts for different text elements on your site, such as Headers, Paragraph, Link and Thumb title. Color and font changes will apply site-wide, so following the steps below will change colors and fonts on all pages. To change the color of a specific section of text, like one individual word in a sentence, use a the toolbar in the text editor.

Edit the style of the text across your whole site

  1. Click on Design located in your admin panel. 
  2. Select Colors & Fonts.
  3. Select Text
  4. Choose the type of text that you wish to edit
    • Header 1: Large header
    • Header 2: Medium header
    • Hearder 3: Small header
    • Paragraph: Normal text
    • Links
    • Thumb title: Title displaying on hover or under a thumbnail. This applies to thumb galleries and link pages.
  5. Edit the specific settings for each type of text, e.g. font, color, size, letter spacing or uppercase.

Edit the style of the text across your whole site

Format your text

Once you have set a style for the different text element, you need to apply it to your text. By default new text will follow the style of a paragraph (normal text). 

  1. Highlight any text in the text editor.
  2. Use the toolbar to apply formatting: Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2 or Heading 3. If you edit the style of Header 2 later under Colours and fonts, it will automatically apply to all Headers 2 on your site.

Format your text

Format your text - result

The importance of styling the text

Editing your text style under Design > Colors & Fonts is recommended since this makes it easier to change your text styles across your whole website. It helps you create a consistent design and maintain a unified brand. 

Apart from this benefit, assigning different header to your text also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In SEO, headers play an important role. They are used to identify the heading and subheadings on your page which helps the search engines understand what your content is about. Header 1 is the most important, followed by Header 2 and Header 3. It is recommended to include your main keywords in your Header 1.

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